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    Popular Decorating & Interior Styles For 2021

    Decor trends come onto the scene quickly, but they don’t last forever. These 24 popular interior design styles are hot in 2021!  Try using your favorites to keep your home in style this year.

    1. Layered Rugs

    Layering rugs is a popular trend for 2021, and it’s no surprise why. Layering rugs is great way to double the texture and depth in your space. Not to mention it just looks and feels so cozy.

    Plus, layering rugs can actually be a budget-friendly option compared to one larger rug. Here’s why: oversized rugs can be super expensive! However, if you opt for a smaller version of your dream rug, you can easily layer it atop a more reasonably priced rug for an affordable option that achieves a similar look.

    A great way to layer rugs is to use a large jute rug + a smaller patterned rug

    For tips on decorating with jute, check out the article I wrote titled ‘Jute Rugs – My Honest Review’ where I share everything you need to know before buying a jute rug.

    2. Woven Wall Hangings

    Woven wall hangings are a huge home decor hit this year. Using a woven wall hanging is an easy way to bring a touch of texture and detail to an otherwise boring wall. Try using a wall hanging to create a feature that your eyes are immediately drawn to. Then you can design the rest of the room decor around the woven hanging.

    Wall hangings come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. So get creative! Chose a hanging that matches your design style, and fits in with the rest of your home decor. Plus, they’re super affordable. There are tons of woven wall hangings available on Amazon for less than $20!

    If you aren’t sure exactly sure what your design style is, checkout the fun quiz I created – What’s Your Decorating Personality? The quiz helps you discover how your decorating personality and design style go together. It also gives you ideas on how to bring them to life in your home.

    3. Geometric & Abstract Backsplashes

    When it comes to kitchen backsplash designs, there’s tons of options available – everything from subway tile, to mosaics, to stacked stone, and so many more!

    Although many of these options look amazing, only one backsplash made the 2021 home decor trends list – Geometric & Abstract backsplashes. Kitchens featuring geometric pattern backsplashes are in this year! The abstract geometric backsplash above was installed by Construction2style during their recent kitchen renovation.

    The geometric shapes trend is not limited to kitchens. It’s also popular for area rugs, framed artwork, and even wallpaper (see trend #8 for more on wallpaper designs).

    We chose to install a white hexagonal tile backsplash in our most recent kitchen renovation. To see how the white hex tile backsplash turned out, you can read the full kitchen makeover reveal blog post here.

    4. Basket Wall

    Basket walls are trending big time. Don’t believe me? Trying searching for ‘basket wall’ on Pinterest or Instagram. You’ll be scrolling for hours!

    Installing a basket wall collage is an easy, affordable way to spruce up a blank wall. With so many basket colors and designs available, you’re sure to find the perfect style for your home.  The basket well trend is popular with traditional, boho, rustic and coastal styles.

    5. Unique Ceiling Designs

    great room with a shiplap ceiling

    Architects and interior designers are paying more attention to detail in 2021, especially when it comes to ceilings. Long gone are the days when a basic sheetrock ceiling was good enough, or worse yet – a popcorn ceiling [gasp].

    Expect to see more vaulted ceilings, shiplap, exposed wood beams, tray ceilings, and other unique architectural ceiling designs when you look up in the years to come.

    6. Mix & Match Furniture

    Ditching matchy furniture sets in favor of individual pieces is becoming more popular this year. It takes a little extra effort to curate individual furniture pieces that work with your design goals, but it’s worth it! The end result can be a stunning reflection of your unique style.

    Pairing multiple designs and finishes of furniture can create a sophisticated feel in a living room, great room, or sitting room – even if you aren’t splurging on ultra expensive furniture.

    If you’ve been considering new furniture pieces in your home, checkout my ‘Article Sven Leather Sofa Review’ where I share all the pros & cons, and show how the leather has held up after 2 years of real-world use. 

    7. Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

    an indoor-outdoor great room

    This beautiful home in Bozeman, MT showcases why indoor-outdoor living spaces are trending. The great room features massive windows that let in tons of natural light. When the glass wall is opened to the back patio, it give the whole space a fresh open-air feel.

    Indoor-outdoor living spaces create a seamless transition between the inside and  the outside. This design feature makes makes homes with indoor-outdoor living spaces well suited for entertaining and hosting – especially hosting larger crowds that would not otherwise fit.

    8. Wallpaper

    textured wallpaper in a living room

    This is an old trend that seems to be making a comeback. Wallpaper enjoyed great popularity in previous decades, but rapidly lost public appeal in the early 2000’s. Now, in 2021, wallpaper continues to regain momentum.

    This sitting room features an incredible textured wallpaper design. A tasteful wallpaper design can add texture and interest to a room without being overly bold. Wallpaper designs like this are perfect for people who want to stick to understated styles like minimalism (checkout #15 on this list for more on minimalism).

    Wallpaper doesn’t have to be tame, though. It can also be as wild as you are. The options are endless with bright, in-your-face colors, and eccentric patterns for those wanting a fun bold design.

    9. Curtains

    This year – blinds are out, and curtains are in. Floor to ceiling curtains have an elegant, polished look that makes windows appear larger, and rooms feel cozier. In addition, curtains add texture and depth to a room.

    Cheap vinyl blinds with long cords were the builder-grade standard for years. As a result, there’s TONS of homeowners that are itching to get rid of these eyesores. In 2021, more people than ever are ditching their basic white vinyl blinds in favor of curtains.

    Curtains are a functional way to decorate a home. You get style, and shade!

    10. Pouf / Ottoman

    This versatile home accessory doesn’t take up much space, and it’s very stylish. A poof can be used as extra seating and it’s a great way to add texture to a room.

    There are many pouf / ottomans to choose from in various sizes, shapes, and materials. This makes utilizing a pouf a splendid option for any design style.

    For more on poufs, checkout the article I wrote featuring an Article Hira Wool Pouf where I share all the details about the pouf, and the 3 ways to we use it to maximize space in our small living room.

    11. Off-White Paint Colors

    The walls of this attractive living room are painted with Benjamin Moore ‘Simply White’ (OC-117), and the ceiling is Benjamin Moore ‘Super White’ (OC-152). Using a true white ceiling creates contrast and brings out the warmer tones of the off-white walls.

    For the last last several years, white paints have been taking over interior design. But for 2021, popular paint colors are shifting towards warmer off-whites.

    For more information on true white, and off-white paint colors, checkout the article I wrote titled ‘White Paint Color Guide’ where I share all the top colors.

    Tip: Test out a few of your favorite paint colors using Peel-and-Stick Paint Samples from Samplize. These 12″ x 12″ samples use real paint and make it so easy to test out different paint colors in your home.

    12. Exposed Pipe Shower

    Why hide plumbing in the wall when it can look this good? Exposed plumbing in a shower is the perfect design touch for many styles such as: traditional, farmhouse, modern, and industrial.

    A conventional shower has all its pipes and valves concealed inside the wall. Only a knob, and the showerhead are visible. While this clean and simple look can be appealing, moving the plumbing outside of the wall can instantly take a boring shower, and make it interesting.

    Exposed pipe shower systems are often made from copper or brass, but you can also get other finishes like brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or chrome.

    13. Greenery & Houseplants

    Decorating with greenery and house plants is an easy way to add visual interest to a room. And, natural plants fit right in with most design styles.

    Whether it’s real or faux, adding a few houseplants to your space can liven up a room and keep it from looking stale. It doesn’t have to be too fancy – think wreaths, potted plants or even dried stems poking out of a vintage glass bottle.

    Bring the outdoors in! That’s my #1 recommendation in the article I wrote titled: Summer Decor Trends You Should Keep All Year Long where I outline the best decor for holding onto those relaxed summer vibes.

    14. Copper Accents

    copper accents in a kitchen

    If you’re wondering why copper accents are trending in 2021, just take a look at this breathtaking hammered copper farmhouse sink by Sinkology – it should clear things up for you!

    Copper accents pop nicely against off-white walls (#11 on this list), butcher block countertops (#23 on this list) as well as many of the other 2021 decor trends.

    Other stylish copper accent ideas include: kitchen & bathroom faucets, cabinet hardware pulls, decorative bowls, and candlesticks.

    15. Minimalist Style

    The minimalist Style is trending in 2021, and for good reason. Checkout this bedroom! Some people see minimalism as cold and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. The style can be clean, simple, and elegant.

    The most common home decor issues that I see people struggle with are – over decorating, and clutter. You don’t have to go full-on minimal, but keep this in mind when styling your home: a little decor goes a long way. Stuffing a room full of furniture and decor is not mandatory. Try to use less and keep your decorating simple.

    For more ideas on decluttering, and to learn about my system to get rid of all the things you don’t use or need, checkout the article I wrote titled: How To Declutter Your Home For Good.

    16. Woven Baskets

    woven basket in a living room

    Woven baskets are one of the most versatile decor pieces, so it’s no surprise they made their way onto this year’s list of top decorating trends. Ranging in all shapes and sizes, not to mention tons of different textures and designs, baskets are a great way to add some cozy texture to a space.

    Toss in some extra throw pillows and blankets for a cute storage idea, or tuck your favorite houseplant inside to instantly create a pretty planter.

    You can find my top woven basket picks in the article I wrote: 26 of the Cutest Bins & Baskets On Amazon.

    17. Shiplap & Accent Walls

    Shiplap and accent walls continue to be all the rage in 2021. The shiplap trend, popularized by Joanna Gains, has been going strong for several years and its showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

    Shiplap and other accent walls come in all different colors and finishes – from dark black paint, to white shiplap, and everything in between.  An accent wall is the perfect style update for a boring room.

    If you’re interested in adding an accent wall in your home, I’ve written a tutorial – How To Build A Shiplap Wood Accent Wall. The tutorial has tons of pictures, and step-by-step instructions. It details the exact steps we used to install this accent wall in our master bedroom.

    18. Not-White Cabinets

    Clean white cabinets have dominated all the popular Pinterest boards for years, but this trend is starting to falling out of grace with interior designers, and homeowners.

    In 2021, more builders and remodelers are opting for darker and earthy tone cabinet finishes. Natural finishes like wood colors, and neutral paints like grey and beige are gaining popularity as well.

    19. Throw Pillows

    throw pillows on a bed as decor

    Throw pillows are the ultimate interior design tool. This trend isn’t new for 2021, not by a long shot. Rather, it’s a style that’s been running strong for several years. I don’t foresee this trend slowing down anytime soon.

    A few carefully selected throw pillows can take a room from meh to wow! And, they’re so easy to swap out for seasonal decorating.

    If you have a brown couch, check the article I wrote titled 10 Pillow Combinations For A Brown Couch.

    When it’s time to change up your throw pillows, instead of buying entirely new pillows, you can just swap out the covers! This makes throw pillows a budget friendly option! Checkout all my favorite throw pillows Amazon.

    20. Leather Furniture

    a living room with a leather sectional

    Leather furniture has always been a staple of interior design due to its timeless beauty, and natural durability.  My three favorite materials for decorating are: wood, stone and leather.

    This group of three materials are classics, and they never go out of style! All three have looked great in homes for literally thousands of years! That shouldn’t be changing any time soon.

    21. Home Offices

    As we get further into the 21st century, more people than ever are working from home. This recent surge in people working from home is making home offices prettier and trendier than ever. Checkout this light and bright home office! Who wouldn’t want to work from home with a workspace like that?

    Home offices can be designed and decorated to inspire creativity and motivation. Breaking away from a boring cubicle can help you enjoy your work, and become more productive. With their recent rise in popularity, home offices earned a spot on the 2021 home decor trends list!

    22. Gallery Wall

    The gallery wall trend isn’t going anywhere – and why would it? There are so many different ways to create a gallery wall and they look good with pretty much any design style!

    The key to creating an eye-catching gallery wall is to choose pieces of interest that are cohesive when grouped together.

    Mixing up the size, colors, and textures of art in your gallery wall can really add interest to the space. Try choosing frames that go well together without being exactly the same. You can even choose art that isn’t framed at all, or stand alone pieces like canvases, clocks, and mirrors.

    For more popular wall decor ideas, check out Wall Decor Ideas | Creative Ways To Decorate Any Wall.

    23. Butcher Block

    Butcher block counter tops have risen and fallen in trendiness over the past several decades. Recently, they’ve been on the rise in popularity – especially for kitchen islands. The naturally warm wood color of butcher a block counter top can make a kitchen feel more welcoming.

    One of the major drawbacks of butcher block is their ongoing requirement for maintenance, and the susceptibility to stains, and waters damage. However, these issues can be minimized with high quality wood sealants.

    24. Open Shelving

    Not only is open shelving a convenient way to access everyday items, but it also creates an easy space to showcase some favorite decor items.

    I love that open shelving can be both stylish and functional! In addition, it can make an area feel more open compared to standard enclosed kitchen cabinets.

    Open shelving first became popular in the kitchen, but the trend has now expanded throughout the home.  You can decorate with open shelves in almost any room – think bedroom, living room, home office, and even bathrooms!

    For tips on styling open shelving, checkout this article that I wrote about shelf styling. The article shares advice on achieving perfectly styled shelves, every time.

    Bedroom Decorating Trends 2021

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    Future Home Decorating Trends

    I expect to see many of these home decor trends return for 2022. I’m excited to see what new styles will be popular next year. I’m sure there will be plenty of interesting new trends!

    Is there any other home decor trends that you thought should have made the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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