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10 Pillow Combinations For Brown Couch

    These pillow combinations for brown couch will instantly make your space feel comfy and cozy. Get tips for how to arrange throw pillows on a couch and 10 different throw pillow combos to try with your brown leather couch.

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    Looking to increase the cozy factor on your sofa? Throw pillows can make a world of difference!

    Throw pillows are probably my favorite accessory when it comes to home decor. They’re an easy way to add dimension, color, and texture to a room. They can also give personality to the space.

    Not to mention, they’re extremely affordable, and easy to switch out when I want a fresh look.

    There’s millions of throw pillow styles and designs. You might like many of them, but its hard to know if they will look good TOGETHER. 

    Mixing patterns, sizes, styles and colors can be tricky, and overwhelming – especially when you need to match the existing color palettes and style of a room.

    I created 10 different pillow combinations, in different styles and color palettes, that will look great on a brown couch.

    Best Throw Pillows For A Brown Couch

    • Brown couches work well with cooler blues and greens – think earth tones!
    • Throw pillows in autumn colors such as deep red, mustard yellow, or peach tones pair naturally with a brown couch.
    • Use at least three colors in your throw pillow palette. A mix of three hues is just the right amount for a pop of color.
    • Add in neutrals or solids to tie everything together and balance out the room. 
    • If you want to lighten up the tone of your living room, look for light colored pillows in different textures.
    • Mix cotton, linen, wool, chunky knit, velvet, or fringed materials together for a look that is timeless, but still has depth and interest.
    • The dark tones of a brown couch (whether it’s leather or fabric) is considered neutral, and matches with practically anything – so don’t overthink it!

    Note: I used a brown leather sofa in the photos below to help you visualize the overall look, but these pillow color combinations would go with any brown couch. Whether you have a dark brown couch, or more of a tan colored couch, the same design principles apply.

    Selecting the right pillows is more than just grabbing a few that look good together and calling it a day.

    It can be tricky mixing colors, designs, and sizes together so I created a bunch of gorgeous throw pillow color combos that go with a brown couch.

    Whether you love neutral, boho, eclectic, traditional or anything in between, there is a pillow combo below that can work for you.

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    Ready for some inspiration on how to combine throw pillows on a brown couch while keeping things fresh and modern?

    10 Pillow Combinations For A Brown Couch

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    There are lots of different throw pillow combinations that go with a brown couch. However, achieving the look your going for can sometimes be challenging – so I’ve made these pillow combinations for you to shop below!

    Note: Many of these are pillow covers and will need inserts – you can use your old pillows if they are the right size, or buy them online. I recommend down inserts and these ones are my favorite!

    Tip: I recommend going up one size when purchasing down (or down alternative) inserts for pillow covers. This ensures the pillows end up nice and full.

    Side note, I polled my Instagram audience, asking which was used more: pillow covers or stand-alone pillows? The results – 87% of my followers answered ‘covers’. Which do you prefer?

    Ok, here we go – 10 throw pillow combinations for a brown couch that are downright cozy.

    Pillow Combination #1: Green + White

    These dark green linen covers are simply beautiful, and serve as the main pop of color in this pillow combination. I chose to pair them with two white pillows, both with a unique yet subtle pattern.

    A pale blue, almost teal, lumbar with pom details round out the look.


    Tip: Love this look but not a fan of green? Choose a color that picks up on the hues of the surrounding room; your area rug makes a good starting point, but you can also take inspiration from your wall color or other furniture.

    Pillow Combination #2: Black + Cream

    For this combo, start with a pair of neutral-tone pillows like these cream tassel pillows to create a versatile foundation for the rest of your arrangement. Then layer in one or two eye catching pillows in black (or gray) to give it some depth.


    Pillow Combination #3: Black + Cream + Orange/Gold

    If you’re feeling bold, try adding pillows with edgy textures and patterns, like these hand stenciled mudcloth covers in black. Paired with a funky orange striped pillow like this one, they have a bit of an eclectic look that is so fun.

    The other pillows in the mix are both solid colors so the look doesn’t get too busy.


    Pillow Combination #4: Cream + Green

    Dark brown couches and leather sofas tend to have a masculine feel, so you want to add pillows that soften the look just a bit.

    This throw pillow combination features two striped cream covers that provide a light background, and a strong pattern to stand up to the dark leather. A chunky wool pillow and a pop of green add patterns and colors that balance the space by adding the perfect amount of feminine.


    Pillow Combination #5: Gray + White (with Red Accent)

    There is value in a color scheme that calms. That’s exactly what this gray and white combo does.

    By keeping the colors on the larger pillows neutral, you have more freedom to mix patterns and choose an accent pillow that’s a bit more bold like this blush pink lumbar with subtle woven stripes.


    Pillow Combination #6: Black + Green (with Navy Accent)

    Here we see black pillows showing up again, but this time in a different pattern. I love how these striped peppercorn square covers look against the sofa’s crisp leather surface—but a fabric brown couch would be equally lovely.

    A green square and patterned blue lumbar easily mix in some color while a cream pillow lightens the overall look.


    Pillow Combination #7: Navy + Cream

    Here, I chose pieces in a classic navy and cream color palette, which lends a subtly summery vibe. These linen pillow covers with a fun windowpane design in navy and burnt orange really tie in the whole look.

    To pull in some coastal beach vibes, you could add in a chunky jute rug and driftwood or shell art to complete the look.


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    Pillow Combination #8: Creams + Charcoal

    The old neutral standbys of cream, tan and beige definitely have a place in this roundup of pillows that go well on a brown couch. Keep this neutral look interesting by choosing pillows with lots of texture like these textured waffle weave charcoal pillows.


    Pillow Combination #9: Creams + Burnt Orange

    Another gorgeous pillow color combination involves colors that are earthy, autumnal shades of beige or sand and deep rusty red.

    This is one of my personal favorite combos because these colors create feelings of quiet and warmth that make you feel instantly relaxed.


    Pillow Combination #10: Grays + Black

    This color combination of grays and blacks couldn’t be anymore classic, but the patterns keep it interesting.

    A small black lumbar pillow with thin stripes complements the larger striped squares without being matchy-matchy.

    For a fun accent I included an Aztec pattern in the same neutral color pallet of cream and gray. (Here’s a similar one with ah-mazing texture!)


    Tan leather sofa with two throw pillows in a living room
    These cream windowpane pillow covers are my go-to for our brown sofa!

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Below are a few answers to some commonly asked questions when it comes to accessorizing with throw pillows.

    How do you arrange throw pillows on a couch?

    Numbers are your friends. For a more traditional look, use an even number of pillows. For a more modern or eclectic look, use an odd number of pillows. 

    Start by putting larger pillows in the back, then layer your smaller squares in front and/or mix in a lumbar pillow.

    What size pillows are best?

    You can never go wrong with a mix of 22″ and 20″ square pillows for your couch, with maybe a 12″ x 24″ mixed in.

    Tip: for a larger or high backed sofa use 24″ or 26″ squares.

    How do you combine throw pillows?

    Your pillows should coordinate and share a similar color palette – but don’t be too perfect about it. You can draw colors from your rug, curtains, or sofa and work off of those. 

    Can you mix pillows with different prints?

    Prints can be tricky so here is a good rule to stick with – mix small prints with big prints to avoid competing patterns. One pillow with a big pattern, one pillow with a small pattern and one solid is a good formula.

    Should throw pillows match the rug?

    They can, but they certainly don’t have to! Choose accent hues for your pillows from your rug, curtains, and art prints that are already in the room to give the space a pulled together look.

    How do you keep pillows on a leather couch?

    Stay away from poly-filled pillows, because they won’t have enough weight to them and will slide right off of leather onto the floor. Instead choose a heavy pillow (or insert) like down or a down alternative.

    You’ll also want to look for fabrics that have a little bit of texture, and certainly ones that aren’t slick (like silk). Instead grab some pillows made from textured fabrics such as suede, linen and velvet.

    Want my exact strategy for how to design a room that’s cohesive and feels like you?

    teach me how to decorate

    Simply switching out one or two pillows can give your sofa (and room) a whole new look. I hope this post of 10 pillow combinations for your brown couch gave you some ideas to try in your home!

    I had so much fun browsing beautiful pillows (and pillow covers) for this post, so I’ve included even more options for you to look through below.

    These are my absolute favorite throw pillows for a brown couch!

    My Favorite Brown Couch Pillows

    Click on the images below for more info

    Thanks for reading along! Pin this Best Throw Pillows for Brown Couch post to refer back to later.

    Throw Pillow Combination Ideas For A Brown Couch