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Article Sven Sofa Review | How Is The Leather After 2 Years?

    Making the decision to buy a leather sofa is difficult. After living with our Article Sven sofa for two years, I’m sharing my thoughts in this review, as well as answering some FAQs.

    Honest Review – Is It Worth The Cost?

    Everything you need to know about the Sven sofa by Article

    When I first saw this Article Sven leather sofa popping up in my Instagram feed, it was love at first sight. I knew I wanted to get it after we bought our first house.

    I really like the buttery camel color, and the mid-century modern style. Plus, the one piece seat cushion is perfect for napping without following through the crack.

    Article Sven leather sofa

    As soon as we were officially closed on our home, the Sven was our next purchase.

    For the next few years, it seemed like every time I share a photo of our sofa on Instagram, I got flooded with questions. So today I’m answering all the frequently asked questions, and sharing my honest review.

    Keep reading to learn how the couch has held up over the past four years and whether or not we think this sofa is worth the investment.

    If you prefer video content, checkout our YouTube Review video below.

    Article Sven Sofa Review

    My goal with this review is to share our experience with Article’s online only store, answer FAQs, and to share how this sofa has held up for our family after several years of real world use.

    Alright, let’s dive in!

    Back of a Article Sven sofa in a living room in front of a fireplace

    Is The Article Sven Sofa Comfortable?

    Yes, it’s very comfortable!

    Whenever I post a photo of our Article Sven leather sofa, the #1 comment is always something like: “I’m obsessed with your couch. Dream sofa!” To which I always reply, “I’m obsessed too, it’s a total dream!”

    After that, the second most common question I get is, “but is it comfy??” Of course I love how this sofa looks, but ultimately comfort is top priority when it comes to choosing a sofa.

    I was over the moon when I sat on our Sven for the first time and it was so. incredibly. comfy.

    sitting on a comfortable article sven sofa

    It’s nice and deep which makes it perfect for a Netflix binge or curling up with a book. Rather than three cushions – which is what many modern leather sofas have – this couch has one large cushion across the whole bottom, and two large cushions on the back.

    Some reviews say they are too squishy, but I don’t think so at all. They do need occasional fluffing to maintain their shape, however.

    Tan leather sofa with two throw pillows in a living room

    Like my throw pillows? Check them out over on Etsy. 

    The single seat cushion gives the couch a tidier feel than one with individual cushions, and like I mentioned earlier is perfect for a little catnap.

    (Or should I say dognap? ?)

    Chesapeake bay retriever sleeping on a brown leather couch

    The large single bottom cushion also means no more accidental TV remotes, or phones slipping down in-between the cushions. It also completely eliminates a lot of extra cushion movement from getting on and off the sofa.

    The seat cushion is more firm than the back cushions, but not too firm.  It’s soft but supportive and it’s nice that you don’t fall in when sitting down.

    Is The Article Sven Durable?

    Yes, the Article Sven sofa is extremely durable. The Sven is made with naturally strong strong full grain aniline leather. Over time, the color will darken, and the material will get smoother and smoother. (Think of your favorite leather jacket or pair of leather boots, they only get better with age!)

    This thick leather holds up well to heavy usage. The stitching and thread also seem to be equally tough.  We used the sofa daily in our living room for over two years before writing this review. At the time of publishing, it was in perfect condition!

    When talking specifically about the Sven Charme Tan sofa, the Article team says this:

    Charme is a full-grain, full-aniline leather that is highly variable in tone, texture, and natural markings. This leather patinas quickly, giving it a beautifully unique finish — but always be aware that every hide, and therefore every sofa, is totally unique, and therefore will look different than the product photo.”

    article sven leather sofa patina: dark, medium, light

    Aniline leather is one of the most expensive type of leather because it is the highest quality (and also the most durable). There are cheaper options, but when it comes to a sofa, you get what you pay for.

    Inexpensive sofas are typically made from ‘bonded leather’, which is not actually leather at all! Bonded leather it is a leather by-product made from shredded leather pulp and polyurethane. It tends to crack and peel within a few years.

    A high quality full grain leather sofa can last for generations. It’s tough, puncture resistant and easy to clean making it a great option if you have children or pets.

    While I can’t personally vouch for the child-proof part, I can confidently say that our Article Sven leather sofa has held up great to our 75lb retriever (and she loves laying on the sofa).

    Brown dog lying on a tan leather sofa

    Scratches can easily be buffed out and drool (from dogs and babies) cleans up easily!

    Is The Sven Easy To Clean? How Do You Treat The Leather?

    This was actually one of my first questions when we were deciding whether the Sven leather sofa was right for us. Luckily, my husband loves his leather boots, and knows a little too much a lot about caring for leather.

    To see a more in-depth guide that he wrote on leather furniture care, checkout: How To Cleanup Spills, Remove Stains & Condition Furniture With Leather Oil

    Spills and other accidents on expensive leather can be stressful! But don’t worry, most spill don’t result in any permanent damage.

    The key to preventing stains and making cleanup easy is applying leather oil BEFORE the spill!

    How To Clean The Article Sven Leather Sofa

    1. Wipe your leather sofa down regularly with a clean, dry cloth. A microfiber cloth like this one is best.
    2. Vacuum the crevices and go over the cushions with the soft brush attachment when needed.
    3. Clean spills immediately with a dry cloth. If the spill has dried, dip a soft cloth (preferably a microfiber cloth) in water and wring it out so that the cloth is damp, not completely wet. Apply to the stain without over-saturating it.
    4. For stubborn spills or stains, use Otter Wax Saddle Soap to gently wash the leather.
    5. After cleaning up a spill or stain with water and/or a leather cleaner like Otter Wax Saddle Soap, make sure to always condition the furniture with oil to rejuvenate leather and prevent future stains (see our recommendation or leather oil in the next section).
    article sven sofa review
    Article Sven Sofa

    Does The Sven Sofa Require Maintenance?

    Yes. To keep the leather in good condition, you will need to apply leather oil. Here’s the leather oil that I use:

    Otter Wax Leather Oil

    To maintain the leather’s look and durability, you will need to apply leather oil infrequently.  I recommend using Otter Wax Leather Oil. Otter Wax works amazing, and it’s also perfect leather bags, boots, jackets, and any other leather goods. A little oil goes a long way.

    Apply at least once per year, or as needed depending on usage.  When the leather starts to look a little dried out, or starts looking a little lighter in color, it’s time to apply more oil.

    Will The Color Of The Leather Change Over Time?

    Yes! As leather ages, it earns a natural patina. Over time, and as you continue to apply leather oil, the leather will naturally darken a few shades.  This darkening is nothing to worry about, because guys, it looks amazing as it ages and darkens a little bit!

    Leather sofa with black throw pillow next to an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree

    Is The Article Sven Sofa A Good Value?

    Short answer: yes!

    The Article Sven sofa is a good value, but like all high-quality leather furniture, it isn’t cheap. The primary drawback of authentic leather is the cost.  To get a true apples-to-apples Article Sven value comparison, you have to look at competitive full grain leather sofas.

    This is where the Article Sven sofa really outshines the competition. When you start looking at other solid, well made leather sofas from reputable brands, it becomes obvious how much value Article brings to the table.

    This is especially true when comparing to the furniture available in retail furniture stores. A Sven Charme Tan sofa has the look and quality of a much more expensive piece, but at an affordable price.

    Avoid the mistake of buying inexpensive leather furniture and expecting it to last a long time.

    Remember, you get what you pay for. In my opinion, the Article Sven is worth every penny. It’s a good value. It’s durable. It’s comfortable, and looks amazing. What more could you ask for?

    A More Affordable Real Leather Alternative

    While I highly recommend the Sven and have personal experience with it’s amazing quality, I wanted to offer a more affordable option as well.

    This Amazon Brand sofa is a dupe to the Sven and is still made with real top line leather. The reviews are good and you can choose from multiple different color options.

    Sometimes you can get an even cheaper price when there’s an Amazon Warehouse Deals available (my favorite way to save when shopping on Amazon). In fact, when I went to grab the link for you just now I saw there’s a Warehouse Deals option for under $700.

    Affordable Faux Leather Alternative

    Although authentic leather is my favorite, it’s not the only option. In some cases, the extra money for authentic leather might not fit the budget, or maybe now isn’t the right time to purchase a forever sofa.

    If you decide to purchase a faux leather sofa, I recommend trying to find an option that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Faux leather doesn’t tend to last an extraordinarily long time, so it makes sense to keep the budget pretty low.

    I found this Sven dupe in faux leather from Amazon and you won’t believe the price! Plus there’s a clickable coupon to save even more at checkout.

    Why Article Furniture?

    Keep in mind, we purchased the Sven sofa with our own money, and we do not make any commissions if you choose to purchase a sofa from Article. We seriously just love the sofa, and want to share our experience with anyone looking for a nice leather sofa.

    Article is an online-only, direct-to-consumer company. They are able to offer high end products at affordable prices because they don’t have any showrooms or stores.  This business model keeps their overhead to a minimum and allows them to offer very competitive prices.

    On potential drawback is that buying a large piece of furniture sight unseen is scary! I’ve been there.

    Before hitting the confirm order button, I read every review I could find on this sofa. In addition, I was able to order a free fabric swatch to feel the leather for myself. This was huge, and definitely gave me more confidence when I finally clicked confirm order!

    Other things I love about Article

    • $49 flat rate shipping fee (no matter how much you order)
    • 30 day return policy. Just be sure to save your packaging and Article will pick up the furniture for a small fee.

    Article makes it easy to have confidence in your purchase.

    A side view of a leather sofa in a living room in front of a stone fireplace

    Leather sofas are a beautiful way to bring timeless quality and comfort into a room. The Sven leather sofa will surely last for years (or decades) and serve as a comfortable spot when you need to relax.

    I hope this Article Sven sofa review has provided you with helpful information. 

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    Article Sven Sofa Review