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Article Pouf Review | Oversize Handwoven Wool Ottoman

    The Article Hira Natural Pouf could be the perfect ottoman for your home.  It’s a contemporary hand woven pouf made of natural wool, and  it’s the perfect versatile furniture piece for any living room! In the Article pouf review below, we lay out all the pros and cons.

    Large pouf for living room with a tray on top


    Article Furniture is on a mission to offer the highest quality products, and provide the  most possible value to their customers.  They accomplishes this in a rather unique way which makes it difficult for other brands to complete with. Article is structured as a direct to consumer retailer – which keep their costs down – and they pass the savings along to their customers.

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    You might think that online, direct to consumer is of an odd way to purchase furniture, until you realize how convenient it is! We live in a time where retail is dominated by Amazon who has proved that cheap, fast shipping and no hassle returns can compete (and win), compared to shopping in person at brick and mortar retailers.

    Buying a large piece of furniture sight unseen can be scary, but reading plenty of reviews, and knowing you always have to option of using Article’s 30 day return policy can help you to purchase with confidence.

    Article Hira Pouf Review

    If you’re considering purchasing an ottoman, pouf, or coffee table, the Article Hira Pouf might be a good choice for you.  We deiced to write this review because a lot of our readers have questions about Article furniture, and the Article Hira Wool pouf specifically.   Hopefully this Article Hira Poufreview can help answer all those questions!


    Yes! The Article Hira pouf is very comfortable as a seat.  It looks light and fully, but actually pretty firm, and supportive to sit on. The pouf is great for extra seating when needed.

    The Article Pouf is nothing like a bean bag. You don’t sink into it very far. A few of our friends have tried flop down onto the pouf as if it was a big soft bean bag that you would sink half way into. They were in for a big surprise when the ‘flop’ came to an abrupt stop!

    Although the pouf is quite comfortable to sit on for a few minutes, or the duration of a more extended conversation, I would not recommend using it as a primary seat for a longer activity like watching a movie.


    Wool has always been know for its durability, and the Article Hira pouf is made with high quality handwoven wool. The  material is a blend of 50% wool, 30% viscose, 20% cotton and is filled with polystyrene beads.

    Since we’ve had the Article Pouf, it has seen lots of use, and held up very well.  Article recommends that loose threads should be trimmed with scissors, should they ever appear. Luckily, we’ve not had any loose treads to deal with yet.

    a large fabric floor pouf in front of a leather sofa with a tray on top


    Unfortunately, no. Article recommends only spot cleaning with a dry cloth, or ‘consulting a professional’ for more persistent stains. So far, this has not been a problem in our home. If your child accidentally spills a large plate of spaghetti and grinds it into the wool, it’s going to be a problem!


    Determining value is my favorite part of any review! The perfect product, in my opinion, is extremely high quality, yet also affordable.  I’ve always disliked inferior products, regardless of how cheap they are. Ultimately, value is a decision that you have to make for yourself, but i’m here to put in my two cents!

    The Article Hira wool pouf is a great value. It’s more expensive than lots of other fabric poufs because: 1) high quality wool is expensive and 2) hand weaving is labor intensive (read: expensive). If you love the look of chunky handwoven wool, this pouf is an excellent value.  Compared to a cheaper cloth ottoman, you aren’t just paying a huge markup; you’re actually get a better product.


    The Article Hira Pouf is like a Swiss Army Knife compared to a classic ottoman. There are many different ways that a pouf can be used.  This versatility adds value to the furniture and is probably my favorite thing about the pouf!

    Large pouf for living room in front of a leather sofa


    There’s nothing more relaxing than sinking into a comfy couch and putting your tired feet up after a long word day. This may be an obvious function, but it’s a what we use most in our home! The large floor pouf makes a great ottoman in our living room.  Our leather sofa is surprisingly comfortable, especially with your feet propped up on a nice pouf! See the full review on the Article Sven Sofa.

    Closeup of a fabric floor pouf with a tray on top in front of sofa


    Since our living room is so small, there’s no space for side tables. I love that I can easily transform the pouf into a makeshift table by adding a sturdy tray. This provides a space for some extra decor, while also offering a place to set a drink.

    The only potential downside to using the pouf as a side table / drink holder, is that it might increase the odds of having a drink spilled on the wool.  If there was an accidental spill of coffee or red wine, it could be somewhat catastrophic.  Using a large tray that would contain a spill could minimize this risk.

    The tray is practical because it keeps everything neatly corralled, while also making it easily removable. I kept it simple with some artificial greenery, a candle and a stack of coasters.

    Large woven pouf for living room in front of a leather sofa with pillows and a blanket


    Having the option to provide additional seating was important to us because our living room is small and has limited seating. Adding a pouf to the living room was a great way to accomplish this without crowding the room or blocking the flow of traffic!

    When we’re hosting, I style the pouf with a few throw pillows and a blanket encourage our guests to take a seat and get cozy! This is an excellent way to connect the pouf to the rest of the space, yet still have it off to the side ready to be pulled up to the conversation when needed.

    With multiple functions, floor poufs are a great solution for any room. I love the way it enhances my decor with its cozy texture while also solving some of my small space issues.

    Function AND style. My favorite!


    Would You Recommend This Pouf? Yes! We love the the Article Hira handwoven wool pouf and recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile ottoman.  We love the convenience of online shopping! With $49 flat rate shipping and easy returns, there’s not a lot of downside!

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