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Quiz: Design Style

What’s Your Interior Design Style?

It’s true – decorating your home can be so much fun. I personally love searching for unique pieces that compliment each other and styling them in our home. But the truth is, it’s not easy to know exactly what design style you resonate with most.

There are a few different design styles that I’ve noticed most people fall under, and they actually go hand in hand with your personality. I like to refer to these specific interior design styles as decorating personalities. Do you know what YOUR personality says about your decorating style?

Click the button below to start the quiz and find out what you actually want in a space – discover your specific design style, and get decorating ideas tailored to your style!

Imagine going into the home decor section at Target and knowing exactly what pieces will look best in your home.  No more staring at all of the cute things on the shelf and wondering how to make them look good with the rest of your decor.

Once you know what your specific design style is, you’ll be able to confidently shop for decor items without having to worry about whether they’ll flow with the overall style of your home.

This design style quiz is setup to give you crazy-accurate results and breakdown exactly what you need to know to bring your decorating personality to life in your home. In just 45 seconds, you’ll know which design style fits you best AND I’ll send you tips on how to decorate your home that are specific to your result!

I believe each and every one us has the ability to decorate our homes in a way that truly brings us joy and reflects our unique personality!

Interior Design Style Quiz