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Light and Bright RV Bathroom Remodel

    You’ll want to see these RV bathroom remodel before and after pictures! The camper bathroom renovation feaytures open shelving, copper accents and a huge walk-in shower made with RV shower wall panels! All these features give this tiny RV bathroom a big, light and airy feel!

    RV Bathroom Renovation

    A special thanks to Signature Hardware, Sinkology and Cascade Iron Co. for providing products for this space!

    I am so excited to share our RV bathroom makeover reveal with you today! It may be the tiniest bathroom makeover you’ve ever seen, but trust me – it’s a good one!

    RV bathroom remodel with a bathroom shower combo, open shelving and a vessel sink

    You may have seen some of the behind the scenes of this transformation over on Instagram (and I’d love for you to follow along here if you don’t already!), but today I’m spilling all the details of our RV bathroom remodel.

    Note: all sources are listed at the bottom of the post!

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    My goal with this space was to keep it simple & functional, yet pretty at the same time.

    Since we didn’t have a lot of room to work with in this RV bathroom shower combo, choosing an efficient layout was crucial! We chose to keep the original layout with one BIG change: that RV shower had to go.

    RV bathroom remodel before photo with original fixtures and oak cabinets

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    Moving Plumbing In Our RV

    By choosing the world’s tiniest vanity (Amazon) and moving the toilet over a few inches, we were able to make room for a spacious walk-in shower!

    Repositioning the shower, toilet and sink did require ripping up the floor to move some plumbing drains, and water lines. However, this was actually easier than we thought it would be. 

    We had already planned on installing new flooring throughout the whole trailer, so ripping up the sub-floor to access the plumbing below was not too much more difficult. 

    The water lines in our RV are made out of PEX plumbing, which is the same type of water pipes that are used in modern residential homes. To make all of the water line connections, we used this PEX crimp tool from Amazon, and it was surprisingly easy!

    To live in an RV full-time, you have to make some sacrifices. But being that both Mike and I are over 5’10”, a cramped RV shower was not something we were willing to deal with for an extended amount of time.

    So we did what we do best and DIY’d the shower of our dreams. (At least our RV dreams)

    RV Shower Remodel

    RV shower remodel with a large walk in shower and exposed pipe shower fixtures

    A 40″ x 40″ neo-angle fiberglass shower pan (Amazon) fit perfectly for the shower floor.  This shower base is a standard residential shower pan.  It is not specifically designed for a RV shower remodel, but it works perfectly.

    The shower walls were a little more difficult to find.  I really wanted to find something RV specific to use as RV shower wall panels.  However, I came up short in my search.  I ended up deciding to use thin Formica laminate sheets (Home Depot) that we adhered to the walls with a specialized construction adhesive designed for shower walls (Amazon). We then caulked all of the seams and added trim pieces to give it a finished look.

    Although I love the functionality of our new walk-in RV shower, hands down my favorite detail in this RV bathroom remodel is the beautiful oil-rubbed bronze shower hardware.

    RV bathroom remodel with oil rubbed bronze shower head and faucet controls

    I was so excited to partner with Signature Hardware to give this bathroom some much needed love. The shower head and faucet handles, as well as the neo-angle curtain rod, are all from Signature Hardware and I couldn’t be happier with how they look in the space.

    RV bathroom remodel with a rainfall shower head and white shower curtain

    One of my goals with this RV makeover was to bring the comforts of a house into this tiny home on wheels. Adding beautiful, high quality hardware in the bathroom really helped accomplished this. We wanted this entire project to look as residential as possible.

    RV bathrooms tend to feel very non-residential, so we spent lots of time designing and trying to make this RV bathroom renovation look as elegant and residential as possible.  With the space limitations, it was definitely a challenge.

    RV bathroom remodel with RV shower wall panels

    I love how the exposed piping is the first thing that catches your eye when you walk in. You almost forget that you’re in an RV! Almost. 😉

    RV Bathroom Sink

    The other functional, yet pretty piece of this RV bathroom is the gorgeous copper vessel sink that was generously provided by Sinkology.

    RV bathroom remodel with a copper vessel sink and faucet

    Oh, and the Pfister faucet.

    RV bathroom remodel with copper vessel sink and faucet

    By choosing a vessel style sink we were able to have a large sink bowl without compromising any of the cabinet space in the small vanity. I love how the copper fixtures really pop against all of the white in this space.

    RV bathroom remodel decorated for fall with copper fixtures and mini pumpkins

    Above the sink, we kept it really simple with a plain white medicine cabinet (Amazon) and a simple globe light fixture (Amazon). Keeping these pieces really basic allowed the shower and sink to be the focal points. 

    Again, keeping with the theme of this RV bathroom remodel… we wanted a residential feel so we tried to use only things that you might find in a nice bathroom in a new home.

    RV bathroom remodel with copper sink and open shelving

    I wanted to warm up this space and keep it from feeling too sterile.  I decided that using open shelving with a few of my favorite decor pieces was the best way to accomplish that.

    The shelves were an easy DIY. We simply cut down a 1″ x 6″ board to create two shelves that perfectly fit the narrow wall space. After applying my favorite Minwax wood stain and sealant, we hung them on the wall using these modern shelf brackets provided by Cascade Iron Co.

    RV bathroom remodel with two open shelves styled with decor
    RV shelf with plant and pinecone

    I kept the shelf decor simple and functional with some artificial eucalyptus, extra bars of soap displayed in a thrifted apothecary jar, and a cute candle. (That also smells SO good.)

    RV bathroom remodel with open shelf that has bars of soap and a candle on top

    All of my shelf decor items were things I already owned. I love how they instantly add some life to our tiny bathroom.

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    I used the same wood crate from our farmhouse half bath in our old house to hold a few rolls of toilet paper on the back of the toilet. This actually worked out really well since this bathroom ended up being too small for any sort of toilet paper roll holder!

    RV bathroom remodel with copper fixtures and open shelving

    Even though this RV bathroom remodel gave us the biggest headache during this RV renovation, I am beyond happy with how it all turned out.

    I really couldn’t have asked for a better RV remodel before and after…

    RV bathroom remodel before and after
    RV bathroom remodel before and after

    What do you think? Could you live with a tiny RV bathroom like this? 😉

    Below is a full source list for our RV bathroom remodel:

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    Rv bathroom remodel reveal with 4 teaser images and text overlay

    RV Bathroom Makeover Before & After