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Best Beige Paint Colors (for a MODERN look)

    What is the most popular beige color? I’ve rounded up the best beige paint colors of 2023 and in this post I’m sharing the undertone details for each color and pictures from real homes!

    best beige paint colors the ultimate guide

    If you never really got into the all white everything trend and prefer a more creamy neutral look in your home, today’s blog post is for you!

    That’s right, beige is back! And don’t worry, these are not the builder beige nightmares of yesteryear.

    For a long time, designers couldn’t get enough of white & gray, but now everyone is branching out and embracing more warmth and color – beige is a welcome change of pace!

    Beige is an extremely popular paint color and a wonderful choice for walls, trim, and cabinetry.

    In this post I’m sharing real life examples of modern beige paint colors that’ll look great in your home, including the best light beige paint colors to try if you’re just wanting to dip your toe into the beige paint color world.

    Keep reading to see images of all the paint colors in real homes. Plus, at the end of the article, I’ve included an at-a-glance gallery featuring all of the paint color splotches (so you can easily see and compare the colors side-by-side).

    What Undertones Are In Beige?

    Whenever you’re looking for a new paint color to try, understanding the individual undertones of each color is extremely helpful to keep in mind. In the beige paint color family, you’ll find warm neutral colors, with gray-orange or gray-yellow undertones.

    Green is a common secondary undertone in beige paint colors, and it’s sometimes unwelcome.

    Beige colors are well suited as whole room, and whole home colors. In this article, you’ll find paint colors that range from light beige (read: closer to an off-white) all the way to medium-dark beige.

    I love these colors because I’m drawn to relaxing, beautiful, conservative paint colors. Many of these beige paint colors fit the bill perfectly!

    Alright, let’s dive into the best beige paint colors of 2023! I’ve personally curated this list with the goal of finding colors that will look amazing in your home.

    The list is organized into two sections: top beige paint colors by Sherwin-Williams and top beige paint colors by Benjamin Moore.

    Best Beige Paint Colors by Sherwin-Williams

    This post contains affiliate links for convenience. For more information see my disclosure, here.

    We’re starting off with the best beige paint colors by Sherwin-Williams because they make my all-time favorite beige. In fact, we chose this color for our kitchen cabinets and interior doors throughout our recent condo remodel. (Reveal photos coming soon!)

    And that color is… Accessible Beige.

    Accessible Beige by Sherwin-Williams (SW 7036)

    Accessible Beige – LRV: 58 (LRV, or Light Reflectance Value is a scale commonly used by design professionals where 0 = absolute black and 100 is pure white.)

    Accessible Beige by Sherwin-Williams is absolutely stunning, and it’s the most popular paint color on this list – seriously, everyone loves it! As with all beige paint colors, Accessible Beige is a warm neutral.

    With an LRV of 58, Accessible Beige is on the lighter side, but it isn’t full-on light and airy.

    It’s a beautiful shade of light khaki, and it has mostly gray undertones (with very little orange or yellow). This is different that most most popular beige paint colors, because they usually have a fair amount of either orange or yellow undertones.

    If you’re considering Accessible Beige, make sure to test out the color in your home! In Southern light, sometimes a subtle hint of green can show through.

    “Unlike many beiges, this color has undertones of gray that can give your space a warm, snug feel. Pair with earthy tones.”


    Balanced Beige by Sherwin-Williams (SW 7037)

    Balanced Beige – LRV: 46 (LRV, or Light Reflectance Value is a scale commonly used by design professionals where 0 = absolute black and 100 is pure white.)

    Balanced Beige by Sherwin-Williams is a darker version of Accessible Beige. It shares the same color profile, only darker.

    It’s a warm, true beige color with gray undertones. And just like Accessible Beige, there is very minimal orange or yellow undertones.

    “With a true balance of warm and cool tones, this beige adapts well to almost any setting. Pair it with fresh whites like Alabaster or Aesthetic White.”


    Beige paint colors are extremely popular for the exterior of your home, and you can see in the photo below that Balanced Beige by Sherwin-Williams is a beautiful choice when looking for a beige paint color for exteriors.

    Pssstttt…a better way to test paint colors in your home 👇🏻

    Before we get too much further into my list of most popular modern beige paint colors, I need to let ya know about my all time favorite way to sample paint colors…

    The hack? Peel-and-stick paint samples!

    girl holding paint sample up to the wall

    Yes, you can go to your local paint store and buy a few tiny cans of sample paint colors, then paint little patches all over your walls. (Don’t forget to paint two coats!)

    BUT…for the easiest, no mess way to test out paint colors in your home, check out these Peel-and-Stick Paint Samples from Samplize.

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    I love that they’re made with 2 coats of REAL paint and the large 9″ x 14.75″ size gives you a good idea of what the actual color looks like on your walls. Plus it’s big enough to wrap around a corner which can be really helpful depending on the area you’re planning on painting.

    All you need to do is peel and stick. (Or you can tack them up). You can move them from wall to wall and room to room. So convenient!

    Ok, back to the list of best beige paint colors for 2023…

    Natural Tan by Sherwin-Williams (SW 7567)

    Natural Tan – LRV: 65 (LRV, or Light Reflectance Value is a scale commonly used by design professionals where 0 = absolute black and 100 is pure white.)

    Natural Tan by Sherwin-Williams is a light oat tan color, and it’s a mildly warm neutral. This paint color is another blend of beige and tan colors.

    If you’re looking for a light and airy beige that isn’t too warm, then Natural Tan might be a perfect fit!

    Natural Tan is one of the lightest paint colors included in this article, and it is one of the least warm as well.

    “Light and laid-back, this tan has the faintest green-gray undertone that keeps it from appearing overly warm. Bring on the peaceful vibes.”


    Kilim Beige by Sherwin-Williams (SW 6106)

    Kilim Beige – LRV: 57 (LRV, or Light Reflectance Value is a scale commonly used by design professionals where 0 = absolute black and 100 is pure white.)

    Kilim Beige is a medium darkness beige paint color, and it has the look of unbleached silk! It’s a deep color that’s warmer than your average beige because of its orange-pink undertones.

    The lighting and colors in every room are a little bit different, so your milage may vary – the pink and orange undertones may, or may not be apparent in your home.

    Kilim Beige is a Top-50 color from Sherwin-Williams, which is an extremely high honor. It’s such a pretty and popular color – I wouldn’t let the pink undertones scare you. If you’re drawn to this color, then it’s probably worth considering!

    “This neutral evokes a soft warmness that will have you putting on the kettle and inviting over the neighbor. Works well in any gathering space.”


    Kilim Beige is another great beige paint color for living rooms (or even as a whole house paint color), as seen in the photo below.

    Realist Beige by Sherwin-Williams (SW 6078)

    Realist Beige – LRV: 59 (LRV, or Light Reflectance Value is a scale commonly used by design professionals where 0 = absolute black and 100 is pure white.)

    Wondering if a cool beige paint color exists? Realist Beige by Sherwin-Williams is your color: a light beige color that has uniquely cool undertones, which is a rarity among beige paint colors.

    The color definitely appears beige, but it has some interesting cool brown undertones that almost give it the look of gray-purple-taupe.

    This would be a great choice for a room with southern light. However, I highly recommend sampling this color if you need a beige paint color that will work well in a cooler color palette.

    “This light, uncomplicated beige gives any surface an instant refresh. Its cool brown undertone keeps things airy and open.”


    Sandbar by Sherwin-Williams (SW 7547)

    Sandbar – LRV: 53 (LRV, or Light Reflectance Value is a scale commonly used by design professionals where 0 = absolute black and 100 is pure white.)

    Sandbar by Sherwin-Williams is a medium-light depth neutral beige paint color that is less warm than most.

    The color has a tan appearance because of its gray-yellow DNA. Like many beige paint colors, Sandbar can end up showing slightly green undertones in certain lighting conditions, or especially when paired with other colors that have pink undertones.

    “Let this inviting beige wrap you up in its warm embrace. A cool, green-gray undertone balances this versatile neutral, so you can enjoy it in almost any room.”


    I love the neutral look of the bathroom below, yet the Sandbar color by Sherwin-Williams adds a bit of depth to an otherwise color-less space. This is one of the best beige paint colors for bathrooms and accent walls, especially when paired with a bright white.

    Best Beige Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

    Alright, ready for the top picks from my favorite paint brand? Here’s a look at the best beige paint colors by Benjamin Moore (including photos of each color in real homes!)

    Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore (HC-81)

    Manchester Tan – LRV: 63.23 (LRV, or Light Reflectance Value is a scale commonly used by design professionals where 0 = absolute black and 100 is pure white.)

    Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore is a charming light creamy beige paint color. And as the name implies, it’s a hybrid tan-beige.

    Although beige and tan are quite similar, the main difference is that beige colors have gray-orange undertones, and tan colors have gray-yellow undertones.

    Because yellow is cooler than orange, tan paint colors are less warm than beige.

    The choice between beige vs tan comes down to personal preference, so only you can decide what looks better to your eye, in your home!

    A fresh, sophisticated beige that conjures stately sandstone façades.

    Benjamin Moore

    The entry room below is painted with Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore, designed by Kylie M. Interiors. A seriously gorgeous beige paint color when used as a whole house paint color.

    Beige paint colors for the living room creates a warm welcoming environment for both entertaining and relaxing. It’s extremely versatile.

    See how Manchester Tan looks in the living room below paired with neutral furniture and bold blue throw pillows. Stunning!

    Stone House by Benjamin Moore (1039)

    Stone House – LRV: 49.42 (LRV, or Light Reflectance Value is a scale commonly used by design professionals where 0 = absolute black and 100 is pure white.)

    Stone House by Benjamin Moore is a dark sandy tuscan beige paint color. What makes this color unique is that it leans heavily into the orange in its color composition.

    The orange undertones create a deep warmth! It’s truly a beautiful color. In some lighting a hint of pink might be visible.

    “A use-anywhere shade of medium tan suggestive of café au lait and toasted almonds.”

    Benjamin Moore

    The living room below is painted with Stone House by Benjamin Moore, designed by Kylie M. Interiors. Another great beige paint color for the living room!

    Muslin by Benjamin Moore (1037)

    Muslin – LRV: 66.54 (LRV, or Light Reflectance Value is a scale commonly used by design professionals where 0 = absolute black and 100 is pure white.)

    Muslin by Benjamin More is a light and bright traditional beige paint color. With an LRV of 66.54, it’s one of the lightest beige paint colors, making it a good choice as a whole room or whole home color.

    The undertones of Muslin are subtle gray-orange. These mild undertones makes it easy to create a color palette that works well within the design of a room.

    A warm, welcoming neutral that captures the effortless charm of organic materials.

    Benjamin Moore

    I love the look of beige walls paired with a white trim, it’s a classic combination. The dining room below pulls the look off seamlessly.

    White Sand by Benjamin Moore (OC-10)

    White Sand – LRV: 66.95 (LRV, or Light Reflectance Value is a scale commonly used by design professionals where 0 = absolute black and 100 is pure white.)

    White Sand by Benjamin Moore is a light creamy beige that is reminiscent of white sandy beaches. With a LRV of 66.95, this is the brightest beige paint color on this list and arguably the most popular light beige paint color by Benjamin Moore.

    This color toes the line between beige, and off-white. If you’re trying to create a light and airy vibe, but don’t want to go with a true white, White Sand by Benjamin Moore might be the perfect choice.

    “A muted, easygoing beige that looks appealing in both traditional and modern spaces.”

    Benjamin Moore

    Grant Beige by Benjamin Moore (HC-83)

    Grant Beige – LRV: 55.81 (LRV, or Light Reflectance Value is a scale commonly used by design professionals where 0 = absolute black and 100 is pure white.)

    Grant Beige by Benjamin Moore is another top-notch beige paint color. Its LRV is 55.81 which puts it on the lighter side of medium-light for the beige paint color family.

    The color is nicely warm, but not too warm. It looks like a tan hazel wood, and it has mild gray-yellow undertones. In some lighting conditions, you may even see a very, very slight hint of green.

    Overall, Grant Beige is a good neutral beige that will play nicely with most other colors and decor in your home.

    “An equal mix of gray and beige tones makes this a highly versatile neutral.”

    Benjamin Moore

    Here are all the beige paint colors side-by-side. Seeing the colors next to each other makes it easer to spot subtle differences in brightness, color, and undertones.

    Thanks for reading, I hope this article helped you find a beige paint color that you love!

    Still can’t decide on the best beige color? Grab a peel & stick paint sample of your top 3 from this list and get them shipped directly to your door so you can actually see the colors on your own walls.

    All you need to do is peel and stick. So convenient!

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    Tip: Be sure to look at the samples both in natural light and with your indoor lights on. Check back throughout the day to see how the undertones look in different natural light as the sun moves across the sky.

    I hope you found this list of modern beige paint colors helpful!

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    Final Thoughts on the Most Popular Beige Paint Colors

    Beige is becoming an extremely popular paint color and designers & homeowners are starting to choose light beige paint colors as well as warm beige colors. These are some of the most loved and trusted hues of beige paint in 2023 for a modern, yet cozy vibe.

    There you have it – everything you need to know about the best neutral and beige paint colors for your walls. I hope this helped you find a modern beige paint color to try in your home!

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