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Samplize Review | Peel-And-Stick Paint Samples

    Samplize offers convenient peel-and-stick paint color samples that help you choose a paint color without the hassle of painting splotches on your walls. They make testing out paint colors in your home so easy – after trying Samplize for myself, I’ll never go back!

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    The easiest way to see paint colors on YOUR walls

    Before you decide on a paint color, it’s so important to see it in your home. No two homes are alike, and the lighting is always unique. This can make paint colors end up looking different than you expect them to.

    This happens because undertones can alter the appearance of a paint color paint colors in different lighting conditions.

    Natural light from windows combines with artificial light from lamps and overhead lighting to create illumination with a unique color profile.

    Because of this, it’s hard to know exactly how a paint color will look without seeing it in your home.

    To learn more about choosing a paint color using undertones, lighting, sheen and more, check out the complete guide I wrote – How To Choose The Perfect Paint Color For Your Home.

    Peel-and-Stick Paint Colors by Samplize
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    How Does Samplize Work?

    Samplize offers an easy solution to the hassle of painting test splotches on your wall.

    They start with a 9 inch by 14.75 inch piece of vinyl, and add an adhesive to the back. This special adhesive is what gives the samples their reusable ‘peel-and-stick’ feature.

    Next, they use genuine manufacturer paint to give the samples the exact paint color you want to test.

    Reusable/ repositionable peel-and-stick samples work well with any wall surface, and they’re non-damaging. This makes it easy to see the paint color on several different walls, in multiple rooms if needed.

    It’s also a good idea to test out the samples and at different times of day, to see your colors in different lighting conditions.

    Honest Samplize Review

    Disclosure: Although I am now an affiliate of Samplize, I was first a customer. I chose to become an affiliate because I absolutely love their products!

    In the past few years, I have ordered paint samples from Samplize for lots of different painting projects. In total, I have probably purchased around 100 samples.

    In my experience, the products from Samplize seem high quality, and the adhesive has worked well on all the wall surfaces I’ve tried. They have never had a problem sticking, even after being reused several times.

    The color samples have always been flawless, and perfectly match the color of the finished wall after painting in that color.

    When I was choosing the gray accent color in my kitchen, I was stuck trying to decide between my two favorite paint gray paint colors.

    Using Samplize to see the colors next to each other made the decision so much easier! Want to see all my favorite gray paint colors? Check them out – Gray Paint Color Guide | All the Best Grays!

    Or if you’re more interested in white paint colors, he’s all my top recommendations: White Paint Colors | The Ultimate Guide

    Test Out All Your Favorites!

    There’s literally thousands and thousands of paint colors, shades, and sheens – it can be overwhelming to choose only one color. Using Samplize makes your life easier by allowing you to easily test out several colors.

    Samplize offers over 5,000 popular colors, from some of the top paint brands like Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Farrow & Ball.

    Once you’ve narrowed your paint color search down to a list of finalists, it’s time to order some paint samples. I recommend ordering online directly through the Samplize online store.

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    Final Thoughts On Samplize

    Samplize peel-and-stick paint samples are such a great idea. The samples save you time, and the hassle of painting real samples on your walls.

    I absolutely love Samplize and cannot recommend them enough. But be warned, once you try out Samplize, you’ll be addicted!

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    Samplize Paint Sample Review