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4 Summer Decor Trends You Should Keep All Year Long

    Summer Decorating Ideas

    Summer is all about soaking in rays of sunshine, eating BBQ food and frozen Popsicles, and enjoying the easy-breezy relaxed feeling of the long warmer days. I like to carry that relaxed vibe into the home by working summer decor trends into my living room and bedroom!  I choose a few no-fuss decor pieces and style them in a way that is simple and functional.

    4 Summer Decor Trends You Should Keep All Year

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    Summer Decor Trends

    Like any season, Summer will come and go and soon we will all be filling our Pinterest boards up with Fall decor ideas. Not to mention all of the pumpkin spice recipes. 😉 But before that happens, I wanted to share a few ways you can hold on to the kick-your-feet-back vibe of my favorite season. So without further ado, here are 4 summer decor trends that you should incorporate in your home all year long.

    1. Bring the Outdoors In

    Summertime means leaving out fresh blooms, growing your own fruits/vegetables, and hanging cute wreaths to welcome guests over to enjoy a glass of lemonade. But why not incorporate these breath-of-fresh-air items in your decor theme all year long?

    Adding greenery to your style is a simple way to brighten any space.  And don’t worry, if keeping plants alive isn’t your strong suit (um hello, black thumb over here!), there are tons of artificial options to choose from!

    4 Summer Decor Trends to Keep All Year

    Hanging a simple green wreath on an interior door is an easy way to bring the outdoors in. In the picture above, I used a small boxwood wreath to give a boring white door a fresh look.

    Don’t limit these summer decor trends to only the warmer months.  Bring in those fresh greens! (Or in the case of the picture below, the artificial greens 😉 I didn’t want to fuss with having to water and maintain real herbs in these planter boxes so I found the best artificial herbs Amazon had to offer.

    You can shop them all here: parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme)

    4 Summer Decor Trends You Should Keep All Year

    2. Simple and Functional

    During the summer I like to get rid of the clutter and strip my decor down to the basics. That means putting away selling or donating anything that doesn’t serve a purpose in order to free up the spaces in my home to provide a peaceful place to relax.

    But truly, this is a concept that I should be better about doing year round! Having a system to keep your home clutter-free, leaves more time to focus on doing things that I love like going on outdoor adventures or simply spending time with my husband. This year I encourage you to do the same!

    Take the no-fuss decor trend of summer and incorporate it in your homes all year long. Sometimes less really is more!

    4 Summer Decor Trends You Should Keep All Year

    When trying to simplify my decor, I love to decorate with pieces that I actually use. Like hanging up my summer hats to double as wall art, for example.

    Or using every day kitchen items to style shelves in the dining room, like in the picture below. Simple and functional.

    4 Summer Decor Trends You Should Keep All Year

    3. Textiles, Textiles, Textiles

    Say that three times fast! Styling your home using different textiles can give your space an easy, breezy vibe while keeping it interesting. Think light knits for those early Summer nights, wicker baskets that house your favorite plants, or a fun rug to completely change the feel of a room.

    All of these things can and should be used throughout the year to give your decor that pop of interest.

    4 Summer Decor Trends You Should Keep All Year

    4 Summer Decor Trends You Should Keep All Year

    Below is one of my favorite rooms in the house because it has SO much amazing texture going on! I even did an entire post featuring our Modern Farmhouse Guest Room. It was one of the first rooms that was “finished” after moving in and I love opening it up to our guests when they visit.

    Modern Farmhouse Guest Bedroom | See how to easily blend the farmhouse look with modern finishes to create a space your guests will love!

    You can see that I kept this room fairly neutral with just a small splash of color – but what really brings it to life are all of the different textiles! From the fun geometric rug, and the DIY yarn wall hanging I made (you can check out that tutorial here,), to the cute pot belly basket (below) that ended up being the perfect container for my miniature fiddle leaf fig.

    I also removed the cheap builder-grade closet doors and replaced them with some linen curtains. Those alone brought so much interest to the space. All of these textures are great for Summer but will also work well throughout the rest of the year.

    Don’t be afraid to get creative with this trend!

    4 Summer Decor Trends You Should Keep All Year

    4. Natural Light

    Now I know natural light isn’t technically a piece of decor that you can go out and buy to make your space feel pretty, but it should be something that you are taking full advantage of!

    During the Summer months, the sun rises early and sets later in the evenings which offers a lot of time to enjoy the stream of natural light that pours in through each window. During the rest of the year when light is more limited, make sure you are decorating in a way to make the most of the natural light.

    One way to do this is to choose window treatments that encourage light to pour into the room. Another helpful tip would be to position your furniture in a way that lets the most light in as possible.

    4 Summer Decor Trends You Should Keep All Year

    Our guest bathroom is painted a dark grey color, which someday I hope to update, but for now I have tied a simple cotton curtain in a way that lets the most light in while still offering privacy.

    This is just one of many ideas to help encourage and welcome the natural light into your home.

    4 Summer Decor Trends You Should Keep All Year

    Another way to spread the natural light throughout your home is by using mirrors. This is a great way to capitalize on a small amount of available light by reflecting it throughout your space. I talked a little bit about decorating with mirrors in my post 5 Ways to Brighten Any Space, but I wanted to mention it again here because it is so simple yet makes a big impact!

    4 Summer Decor Trends You Should Keep All Year

    Hopefully these summer decor tips will help you to create a space that makes you feel more relaxed all year long.

    The simplicity of Summer doesn’t have to go away when the leaves start to change and temperatures begin to drop. By incorporating these 4 Summer decor trends in your home, you can hold on to that kick-your-feet-back vibe all year long. Or at least you can sure try! 😉

    For more decorating tips, I read 5 Proven Tips for Perfectly Styled Shelves next!