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3 Ways to Style A Gallery Wall & My Favorite Art

    These gallery wall layouts will give you a jumping off point and help show you how to make a gallery wall. Get tips for how to hang your gallery wall + 3 different gallery wall layouts with printable templates

    Have a blank wall that’s in need of some pretty artwork? Creating a gallery wall is a fun & creative way to add personality and interest to any room.

    Putting together a gallery wall is probably my favorite way to decorate a blank wall. It’s a great to display favorite photos and artwork and add interest to an otherwise blah space.

    Not to mention, its super easy to swap out prints & frames when you want to switch it up.

    There are SO many different ways to make a gallery wall. From symmetrical and modern to boho and eclectic (and everywhere in between), it can be hard to decide which look YOU like best.

    Mixing frames, sizes colors, and art styles can be tricky and overwhelming – especially when you’re trying to achieve a cohesive, uncluttered look.

    I created 3 gallery wall layouts (with printable templates!) using the same 6 art pieces that will look good on any blank wall.

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Hanging A Gallery Wall

    • DO hang your gallery wall at eye level – center of the artwork should be approximately 60 inches above the floor.
    • DO have a plan – decide on a general layout in advance to ensure that the end result and overall size works well in the space available.
    • DO choose artwork/photos that go well together – and also with the rest of the room. The goal is achieving balance and cohesion.
    • DON’T hang your frames too close together – this can make your gallery wall look overcrowded and cluttered. Two inches between edges is the standard, so start there if you’re unsure.
    • DON’T hang frames all at the same height – varying heights helps the eye to move from piece to piece.
    • DON’T use prints that are too small – when it comes to choosing artwork for gallery walls, bigger is usually better.

    Selecting the right layout for your gallery wall is more than just slapping up a few pieces of your favorite frames & prints on a blank wall and calling it a day.

    It can be tricky mixing colors, designs, and sizes together so I created 3 different gallery wall layouts using the same 6 pieces of art that will look beautiful and stylish in any home.

    Note: All of the beautiful art prints in this post are from Stockholm Art House. If you’re looking for art for your gallery wall, I highly recommend shopping at Stockholm Art House.
    (More on that in a minute.)

    Whether you use the 6 prints I’ve personally curated from their site, or your own favorite photos/art, the same design principles apply when creating a gallery wall in any space.

    Ready for some inspiration on how to space a gallery wall for an effortlessly styled effect?

    3 Gallery Wall Layouts (with sizes)

    There are SO many ways to do a gallery wall. From perfect grids to eclectic layouts and everything in between, it can be challenging to achieve the look you’re going for.

    So I’ve made these gallery wall layouts, with printable templates, so you can easily recreate any of these looks in your own home.

    Pssstttt… Wondering how to actually hang your artwork on the wall? I shared my 2 favorite ways to hang frames in the video below.

    Watch the full video: 3 Gallery Wall Layouts + Tips on How to Actually Hang Your Frames

    YouTube video

    Alright, here we go – 3 of my favorite gallery wall designs that’ll never go out of style.

    Gallery Wall Layout #1: Symmetrical

    Let’s start with an easy one. In this layout, I used one large focal print centered in the middle with two smaller size frames, one on either side.

    This gallery wall set is classic. You really can’t mess it up, and it’ll look good with any design style for years to come. It’s an approachable take on styling a gallery wall, keeping the overall look simple yet polished.

    Gallery Wall Hanging Tip: Trace the shapes of your frames onto Kraft paper and arrange the paper on the wall using masking tape to get an idea of how the prints will look on the wall.

    When hanging your prints, remember to hang the center of the gallery wall design at eye level and make sure to leave enough space between each cutout. (Using cutouts & tape, as mentioned in the tip above, makes it easy to adjust the layout, if needed.)

    When selecting art for this gallery wall design, I recommend choosing your larger piece that you’ll use as the focal point first, and then select corresponding artworks for the two smaller sizes.


    If you want to recreate this look using the same pieces of art, my friends over at Stockholm Art House have created a unique page on their site with all 3 prints I used for this symmetrical gallery wall to make it super easy to get the look in your own space with the same beautiful art prints pictured above.

    Speaking of beautiful gallery wall art…

    Stockholm Art House

    If you’re looking for art for your wall, I highly recommend shopping at Stockholm Art House. SAH is essentially an online art marketplace. Every Stockholm Art House purchase is made to order and pays an artist. So essentially every time you order from their site, you’re directly supporting independent artists. How cool is that?!

    Stockholm Art House offers super high quality frames and printing. All of their art pieces are printed on FSC certified Museum-quality poster made on thick and long-lasting matte (uncoated) paper. And trust me, paper quality can make or break the overall look of your gallery wall.

    You can also choose to order frames from SAH when selecting your art, they offer 4 different colors to choose from: black, dark wood, wood, and white. Each of the frames come with shatterproof, transparent plexiglass which is so handy.

    Right now they have a promotion going where you can buy 2 and get 1 FREE! This is a great deal if you’re needing a handful of prints for a gallery wall. Mix and match as you wish and save big! Plus they offer free shipping on orders of $150 or more.

    Not only does Stockholm Art House have a wide collection of amazing art, but they’re a family business founded by two brothers. Growing up their mom would take them to different art museums in Stockholm (hence the name), but they grew frustrated that the only time they could see magnificent artwork was at museums…

    …so together they started SAH with this mission:

    If you’re looking to bring more art into your space, make sure you check out Stockholm Art House and support independent artists while also getting super high quality frames and printing. It’s a win win!

    Click here to see my top art picks from their collection.

    Gallery Wall Layout #2: Square

    I love the look of this gallery wall design because it’s using 3 different sizes of frames, but the way they’re positioned is still fairly simple and easy to put together.

    For this layout, I chose 3 pieces of art that had a similar color palette. While the styles of art are all different, the soft pastels and warm tones in each of the prints tie the pieces together.

    This gallery wall layout using 3 prints would be a great option if you have a narrow, more vertical space you’re trying to style. You could even achieve the same look on a smaller scale if you’re really short on space.


    Don’t forget you can shop my curated collection of 3 pre-bundled gallery wall art to make it easy to recreate this look.

    Gallery Wall Layout #3: Eclectic, Yet Polished

    Ok, I have to be honest. While I’m usually drawn to minimal designs and simple decor, I’m a big fan of the eclectic gallery wall look.

    If you’ve been browsing the internet for gallery wall ideas, you’ve most likely come across a few different versions of this whimsical, imperfectly-styled look.

    While often times eclectic gallery walls are filled with vintage frames and mixed shapes, I wanted to recreate the eclectic gallery wall design using the same modern pieces I used in my other 2 layouts.

    The key to achieving this look without it looking random and cluttered is to start by placing your artworks on the floor and building around the placement of the largest piece. In this case, I started with my two 50x70cm prints.

    When designing an asymmetrical, eclectic gallery wall, planning the layout in advance will ensure that the end result and overall size & shape of the display works well. Play around with different combinations and spacings until you’re happy with the layout.

    Or you can skip the hard part and download the printable template for my version of an eclectic gallery wall layout below! 🙂

    Tip: Many gallery walls, especially eclectic gallery walls, feature different styles/colors of frames. However, if you’re worried your gallery wall might look too busy or overwhelming, consider choosing the same style of frame for all of your prints. This will allow you to be a little more creative when deciding on colors/textures/shapes of artwork.

    If you do decide to mix frames, select at least two frames in the same color for a cohesive look.


    All 6 of the art prints I used in this gallery wall design are bundled together for you here. All the frame sizes and specific pieces of artwork are pre-selected, so you can literally recreate the look of this exact gallery wall in your own space.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Affiliate links are included below. See my disclosure here for more info.

    Here are a few answers to some commonly asked questions when it comes to styling a gallery wall.

    How to hang a gallery wall?

    There are a few different ways to actually hang your gallery wall: command strips, nails, screws, drywall hooks, etc. My go-to is always these drywall hooks. No tools needed and they can hold heavy items no problem! However if I want to avoid putting holes in the wall, I use these instead.

    I also shared a TON of tips & tricks for hanging a gallery wall here (LINK TO VIDEO).

    When should you use a gallery wall?

    Gallery walls are a simple way to add personality to your home. Whether you use photographs or artwork you’ve collected over the years, or a gallery wall set like the bundle I’ve put together for you here, hanging a gallery wall is an easy way to decorate an empty wall.

    Are gallery walls out of style in 2023?

    The gallery wall trend has been around awhile, and it’s one that’ll never go out of style. The layouts and designs of specific gallery walls may change over time, but especially when using classic pieces of art, it’s a trend that is truly timeless.

    Tip: Make your 2023 gallery wall more modern with coordinating frames. This instantly gives your art pieces a consistent look and feel.

    What art is trending 2023?

    Personally, I don’t recommend choosing super trendy art. You’re more likely to get sick of flashy trends and end up wasting a lot of money swapping out prints often. Instead, stick with the classics. This is one of the reasons I love the options at Stockholm Art House! Some of my favorite pieces are from the early 1900s, as you can see here in my top picks from their site.

    Do gallery walls look cluttered?

    While they definitely can, they don’t have to! It’s important to leave some breathing space around the wall that you have your gallery wall art on, as well as in between the frames within the gallery wall. (A good general rule for spacing in between pieces is around 2-3 inches.) This will help your gallery wall from looking busy or overwhelming.

    Hanging a gallery wall can instantly transform an empty wall in your home. Use one of the 3 gallery wall layouts I shared above as a jumping off point to showcase a collection of beautiful art!

    You can find all 6 of my favorite art pieces from Stockholm Art House bundled for you here so you can literally recreate the look of these exact gallery walls in your own space.

    Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, and I would love to know which of these 3 gallery wall layouts you would put in your space. Comment down below!

    Don’t forget to grab your FREE printable downloads with each of the gallery wall templates.

    A big thank you to Stockholm Art House for sponsoring this post. My glowing opinion of beautiful, high-quality art is 100% my own. See my disclosure here for more information.

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