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20+ Bedroom Decorating Ideas, Trends & Tips For 2024

    Looking for bedroom decor inspiration? Don’t miss these gorgeous bedroom decorating ideas that will take your bedroom design to the next level!

    Interior Design Ideas For Bedrooms

    A bedroom should be a place of peace and serenity, but many people struggle to create this feeling through design and decorating.

    I’ve listed 20 popular bedroom decorating trends below and included tips for incorporating each of them, along with some of my favorite items to shop each look.

    Want my A-to-Z blueprint on how to design a room that’s beautiful and stylish?

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    1. Luxurious bedding

    Create a restful escape in the comfort of your own bedroom with retreat-worthy bedding. This bedroom trend is all about lush bedding, and who doesn’t need more of that?!

    Think crisp sheets and a super soft duvet that will make you feel like you’re slipping into bed at a 5 star hotel. My all-time favorite bedding is from Brooklinen, and it’s amazing!

    Choose a heavier material like flannel for colder months and lighter textiles like linen for summer. Quality bedding may cost a bit more up front, but they’ll keep you cradled in comfort for years to come!

    2. Knit throw blanket

    Fortunately for everyone who loves to cozy up with a throw blanket, this bedroom trend isn’t going anywhere!

    Once your bedding is in place, don’t forget to top it off with a cute throw! These can be changed up seasonally, and I’m currently loving the look and feel of this chunky knit blanket

    Casually draping a throw blanket across the foot of your bed is an easy way to add texture to your bedding. Count me in!

    3. Under bed storage

    Whether you have a large or a small bedroom, there are little steps you can take to eliminate stressful clutter. For example, utilizing the space under your bed.

    These wicker baskets are a great option for storing extra linens or out of season clothing. The attached lid will keep dust from collecting and the wicker material adds some nice texture to the space without looking cluttered.

    4. Modern ceiling fan

    Modern ceiling fans are becoming more popular than ever when it comes to bedroom light fixtures.

    Many people enjoy sleeping with the light breeze of a fan and luckily, there are lots of options that are both stylish and functional. The best of both worlds!

    5. Shiplap accent wall

    Shiplap has been making waves in the past few years and in 2024, the trend is still strong.  Give your shiplap wall a modern twist by painting it with one of the top colors from my black paint color guide.

    A wood accent wall adds visual interest and a pop of natural texture to a room. Whether the shiplap planks are left raw, painted, or stained – an accent wall brings out the best style of a room.


    To learn how to install shiplap in your bedroom, see our post: How To Install A Wood Accent Wall | A Helpful Guide With Pictures

    6. Jewel-Tone Paint Colors

    Jewel-Tone paint colors are trending in 2024, and bedrooms are a perfect place for these bold and fun colors!

    So, what is a Jewel-Tone paint color anyway? It’s any color that is inspired by natural stones like ruby, sapphire, emerald, and amethyst. They tend to be rich and highly saturated. 

    To see some of the most popular Jewel-Tone paint colors, check out the article I wrote:

    Trending Paint Colors for 2024 | Gem Toned Paint Colors!


    Before deciding on a paint color, test out a few samples in your home using these Peel-and-Stick paint samples from Samplize. The samples use real paint, and make testing out paint colors so easy!

    woman holding up a vinyl peel-and-stick paint color sample

    For more resources on selecting a color that will look great in your home, be sure to read the paint color guide I wrote: How To Choose The Perfect Paint Color In Any Room.

    7. Long lumbar pillows

    Extra long lumbar pillows are currently having a moment — which means if you’ve never been a fan of 2,947 pillows on the bed, now is your time to shine with one statement throw pillow.

    I’m loving the over-sized lumbar pillow trend because it keeps the pillow arrangement on the bed simple, but still looks pulled together.  

    Proof that sometimes the simplest decor pieces can have the biggest impact.

    8. Leaning mirror

    If your bedroom has enough room, you need an oversized mirror leaning against the wall!

    A floor-length mirror leaning against the wall has obvious practical purposes like a last minute outfit check before you head out the door. However, it also reflects light making the a bedroom feel larger and brighter. It’s a win-win.

    9. Layered rugs

    If your bedroom has wood or another hard flooring material, an area rug around your bed is a must for adding warmth and coziness to the space. Even if your bedroom is carpeted, a contrasting area rug is still a great option.

    If you want to really jump into this trend, weave in some extra texture and give your feet someplace soft to land in the morning by layering a small rug next to your bedside atop the larger rug under your bed.

    Whether it’s high or low pile, you can keep the colorway soft and subtle while still layering in the charm.

    10. Canopy beds

    One thing I’m starting to see more frequently is canopy beds. A canopy bed anchors the design of a bedroom, adds height, and creates a focal point to love. 

    How cute is the whimsical canopy bed in the image above? This is such a fun trend!

    11. Blackout curtains

    Bedroom windows generally need window treatments to provide privacy, but thanks to all the fabric options available, your curtains can also turn even the brightest bedroom into a dark cave when the sun comes up before you’re ready to wake up.

    If you already have curtains you love, consider blackout liners, which can attach to the lining on the back or go on a separate rod behind and allows you more control over the amount of light you let in. 

    12. Removable wallpaper

    Removable wallpaper is emerging as a popular new design trend. I know, I know. Wallpaper is a trend you thought would never come back.

    Wallpaper is an easy design feature that creates instant texture, color, and pattern to your bedroom. And, it does it without taking up any prime real estate.

    The removeable option makes it so much more user friendly for when you want to change the look down the road.

    13. Large-scale artwork

    Now is the time to let all of your beautiful pieces of large-scale art shine.

    A single, large piece or a set of two or more frames can fill out what is almost always a bare space in the room – above the bed.

    If you’re looking for some high quality, but affordable art for your house, I recommend Stockholm Art House!

    Tip: When hanging artwork above the bed make sure to suspend it a foot or less above the highest point on a headboard to avoid an awkward river of space between the two.

    14. All the plants

    Make 2024 the year you start — or continue to grow — your plant collection. 

    Plants add such an organic element to a space, whether it’s a large fiddle leaf fig tree or small air plant. In addition to the beauty they provide, they also improve the air quality of your home, which is always a good thing. 

    Plants are a perfect touch that can really make a bedroom feel finished.

    15. Nightstand pretties (and essentials)

    The items on your nightstand should be balanced between pretty and practical. Some of the items can just be pretty and add to the overall style of the room, while others should be practical and help organize your essentials.

    A completely bare nightstand will look sterile; one that’s disorganized and overfilled will look cluttered — finding a happy medium will add that just-right feeling to your entire room.

    Here’s a good place to start: add a lamp for reading, a candle for coziness, and a jewelry dish for your studs and rings. Layer in a few personal pretties like a small stack of books or fresh flowers in a bud vase to balance the look. 

    16. Fun hardware on dresser/nightstands

    While we’re on the subject of nightstands, if you’re tired of your current nightstands (or dresser), try changing out the hardware instead of replacing the whole thing!

    This is such an easy and affordable option, and there’s tons of cute drawer pulls out there to choose from.

    Get creative and mix it up for a more interesting and “designed” look.

    17. A bench at the foot of the bed

    Take advantage of the open space at the end of your bed by adding some additional seating.

    Keep it classic with a standard bench, or switch it up by arranging two ottomans next to each other for extra texture.

    What’s your ideal decorating style? Find out by taking the Design Styles Quiz I created!

    18. Hat wall

    Need an easy way to store your hats? Tryout this bedroom decorating trend: hang them on wall hooks!

    There’s always a focus on making the bedroom a room in the house that’s not just for sleeping. That can be accomplished by displaying hats on the wall to instantly draw your eye up and add a fun design element to the space.

    19. Wall sconces

    Nightstand lamps have been around forever, but they need to move aside to make way for the built in wall sconce. They are so modern and sculptural and give off AMAZING soft ambient light.

    Try wall-mounted sconces or hanging pendants to free up your bedside surfaces and instantly elevate your bedroom design.

    20. Bold headboard design

    If the thought of a big, bold headboard makes you flinch, then 2024 might just be the year you change your tune. 

    Whether it’s tufted velvet or rustic wood, a headboard will provide an eye-catching focal point while adding an extra layer of texture that contributes to that finished look.  

     A stand-alone headboard is also an easy way to get the look of a bed without the cost or size. So if you’re looking for a budget friendly way to add a big impact to your room, give this bedroom trend a try.

    21. Monochromatic Color Scheme

    blue monochomatic bedroom

    Monochromatic color schemes are all the rage this year! To achieve this bedroom color scheme, use a single color and decorate with several variations (or shades of the same color).

    The bedroom above utilizes several different blue colors, and they all blend so nicely!

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    Want my A-to-Z blueprint on how to design a room that’s beautiful and stylish?

    teach me how to decorate

    I expect to see many of these bedroom decor trends return for 2024. I’m excited to see what new styles will be popular next year. I’m sure there will be plenty of interesting new trends!

    Hope you enjoyed these bedroom decorating tips and can use them as inspiration to create a dreamy space you’ll love. Which is your favorite of the bunch?

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