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RV Kitchen Remodel Reveal

    Remodeling An RV Kitchen – Before And After

    Come on in and tour our RV kitchen remodel. The renovation features new cabinets, a beautiful copper farmhouse style sink, hexagon tile backsplash, butcher block countertops, all new appliances, and open shelving! You won’t believe we fit all this in a camper! 

    RV kitchen remodel with white cabinets and wood look flooring

    Welcome to our RV kitchen remodel! We’re sharing all of the details about the projects that went into this RV kitchen remodel.

    If you’ve been thinking about renovating a RV, we hope that you’ll find some ideas and inspiration from our renovation.

    This kitchen in this RV was 100% gutted so that we could do a clean sheet redesign. We wanted an open concept floor plan, and residential appliances to ensure that the trailer would hold to full time living.

    A special thanks to Urban Floor, Sinkology and Cascade Iron Co. for providing products for this RV kitchen makeover.

    I have been sharing the progress of this RV kitchen makeover on my Instagram stories (be sure to follow me over there for daily updates and to see behind the scenes), and I am SO excited to finally be revealing this RV kitchen here on the blog! Yay!

    Note: all sources are listed at the bottom of the post!

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    RV Kitchen Renovation Before and After

    If you can believe it, this is what the RV kitchen looked like before the remodel.

    RV kitchen remodel before photo with original cabinets and carpet

    The layout wasn’t very functional, especially in the kitchen. When you walked in the front door, large upper cabinets intruding into the middle of the kitchen making everything feel bulky and cramped.

    New cabinets were a must because the existing cabinetry was not in good condition; only half of the drawer slides functioned properly. The kitchen sink was angled out into the middle of the room at a 45 degree angle. This make the cabinets and countertops way deeper than necessary.

    And why is there a huge void under the countertops? That wasted space under the countertop originally housed an old school CRT television, which was apparently still a thing in 2005.

    RV kitchen remodel before photo with original cabinets and appliances

    Across from the fridge is where the floor to ceiling pantry used to be. The pantry had a single door that opened toward the kitchen area. The bottom half of the cabinet housed the furnace, and a large water heater tank, so there wasn’t very much storage space available.

    Everyone hates running out of hot water in the shower after only 5 minutes, so we knew RV water heater tank needed to be removed in favor of a tankless! Unlimited hot water would be a welcome upgrade.

    RV kitchen remodel before photo of original pantry with a long skinny mirror on the side

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    For an RV, this kitchen wasn’t the worst, but it was far from glamorous. We knew with a little creative design work, the layout could simplified, while adding more storage space AND making it pretty in the process.

    Ready to see how we transformed this RV kitchen into a functional (and pretty!) space?

    RV Kitchen Remodel (After!)

    By simplifying the cabinet layout and adding open shelving, we were able to create a light and airy feel without compromising functionality. The new cabinets are much nicer, and more functional. In addition, they have much more storage space.

    RV kitchen remodel with white cabinets, butcher block counter tops, open shelving and a copper sink

    (Affiliate links are provided below for convenience. For more information see my disclosure, here.)

    RV Kitchen Cabinets

    Since we completely reworked the kitchen layout, all of the existing cabinets was removed and replaced with basic pre assembled cabinets from The Home Depot. We purchased them unfinished and painted them ourselves so they blended perfectly with our white walls.

    The cabinetry is standard residential units, not RV specific. After painting, we added soft close doors and drawers to the cabinets to make the kitchen feel a little more luxurious. See the tutorial here: How to install soft close cabinet hinges

    We chose Sherwin Williams Alabaster for all of the white paint used in the RV. (Checkout our tips for painting the interior of an RV here!)

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    RV kitchen remodel with white cabinets and wood look flooring

    We added some modern bronze pulls to the cabinets to give them a finished look.

    Closeup of cabinet hardware and copper sink

    RV Kitchen Sink

    We were so excited to work with Sinkology again, and this time we decided to go with one of their signature copper sinks. (You can see the first farmhouse kitchen sink that we installed in our old house here.)

    Since we chose white cabinets for our RV kitchen makeover, I was excited to add a pop of rich color to the space with a copper sink. And boy does this beauty pop! ?

    RV kitchen remodel featuring am apron front copper sink


    We picked the all-in-one kit that came with a gorgeous Pfister faucet in antique bronze. The high goose-neck design makes it super easy to rinse dishes and easily spray out the sink.

    RV kitchen remodel with copper accents and butcher block countertops

    We have been using the sink for about a month now and are completely obsessed! This was a MAJOR upgrade from the tiny shallow RV sink.

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    RV kitchen with a copper sink and butcher block counter tops

    It’s already starting to get a beautiful patina in some spots which I love! While some people view the natural discoloration that happens with copper as a negative thing, I love the unique one-of-a-kind story it tells.

    With proper care, copper only gets better with age! (For tips on how to care for your copper sink, I recommend this helpful article.)

    RV kitchen remodel featuring an apron front copper sink

    RV Butcher Block Countertops

    One of my goals with this RV kitchen remodel was to step out of my comfort zone and make design choices I may not otherwise choose. Our butcher block countertops was one of these choices.

    RV kitchen remodel with open shelving and stainless steel appliances

    I’ve always LOVED the look of butcher block in the kitchen with it’s warm natural tones. But keeping up with the maintenance has always scared me!

    So far, the maintenance hasn’t been too bad. We keep them sealed with butcher block oil and are extra mindful to use coasters and trivets whenever necessary. I plan to do a full review with my thoughts on whether or not I’d do it again after living with them for a few months.

    I’ll keep you posted!

    RV Appliances

    Since we chose a park model RV, we were able to install full residential style appliances. We replaced the original fridge with a stainless steel french door model that also has a full freezer.

    RV kitchen with full size appliances

    We opted to replace the oven/range combo with a sleek induction cooktop and convection style microwave instead. This freed up space to even add a dishwasher! This 18″ dishwasher fit perfectly and is a great option for small spaces. Highly recommend it!

    Update: The exact dishwasher we installed is no longer available, however this 18″ one has amazing reviews on Amazon.

    Now we have the best of both worlds: no washing dishes by hand AND oven baked cookies whenever we want! Yippee!

    RV Open Shelving

    When we ripped out those bulky overhead cabinets, I immediately envisioned open shelves taking their place. I love that open shelving can be both stylish and functional, and really open up an entire space.

    RV kitchen remodel with white cabinets wood look flooring and open shelves

    The shelves are where we keep all of our every day dishes. Since our RV will be parked full time, we don’t have to worry about securing all of the items on the shelves.

    I kept it simple with all white dishes and mason jars for glasses.

    kitchen remodel with open shelves and hexagon tile backsplash
    RV kitchen remodel with open shelving and hexagon tile backsplash

    The shelves were an easy DIY project using two 1″x12″ pine boards stained with a mixture of Minwax Early American and Minwax Golden Oak. They are mounted to the wall with black L shaped brackets from Cascade Iron Co. and lag bolts.

    Open shelving with stacked bowls and cascading greenery

    We also added under cabinet light bars that we adapted to mount under each of the shelves. These low profile light bars are great for areas where they are exposed. You can hardly notice they’re there!

    An LED strip light runs along the top of the upper shelf to provide extra lighting at night.

    RV kitchen with under cabinet lighting and open shelving

    For the back splash, we chose a simple hexagon pattern in matte white and finished it with premixed grout in off-white. The hex design adds dimension to the space without being overwhelming.

    RV kitchen remodel with open shelving and hexagon tile backsplash

    Although the shelves are mostly filled with dishes and kitchen items, I couldn’t help but add a little reminder of Montana with one of my favorite scented candles in the scent ‘Montana Forest’.

    Oh how I wish you could smell this thing through your screen! SO GOOD!

    Aamber glass candle on an open shelf in the kitchen

    RV Kitchen Decor

    Since we are short on space I wanted to keep the items on the countertops to a minimum. I picked out some cute soap dispensers…

    kitchen remodel with butcherblock counterops and neutral decor

    …and placed a roll of paper towels next to some greenery inside of an old wood crate.

    RV kitchen remodel with a wood crate being used as a paper towel caddy

    RV Coffee Bar

    Remember that original pantry with the long skinny mirror? We reworked that whole space and transformed it into a much needed coffee bar!

    RV Kitchen remodel with a designated coffee bar that has an espresso maker

    We installed matching upper and lower cabinets here that house all of our pantry items and coffee supplies.

    For some added texture, we installed shiplap planks to the back wall and painted them white. Bronze cabinet pulls and a butcher block counter top helped make this corner feel cohesive with the rest of the space.

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    We love our Eletta automatic espresso machine from De’Longhi and use it daily, so of course we had to make room for it in the RV! ☺️

    We are thrilled with how this little coffee bar turned out!

    RV kitchen remodel with an espresso machine in front of a shiplap wall

    Our RV kitchen brings us so much joy. This little area is where we spend the majority of our time and it was so important to us to create a space we loved.

    With a little creativity we were able to design a tiny kitchen with all of our must haves, and for that I am so grateful! I’d say we enjoy cooking in here, but Mike is the one who does most of our cooking. (I know, I hit the husband jackpot!) So instead, I’ll just say that I sure do LOVE the view. ?

    See how I dressed up our small dining area for Thanksgiving here.

    I’ve linked all of the sources below, but first let’s look at some before and afters!

    RV kitchen remodel before and after side by side
    RV kitchen before and after side by side photo

    And my favorite…

    RV kitchen remodel before and after view

    Below is a full source list for our RV Kitchen remodel:

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