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Kitchen Remodel On A Budget | New Countertops & Farmhouse Sink

    DIY Budget Kitchen Makeover

    I am so incredibly excited to share our budget kitchen makeover! I never thought I’d say this, but cooking and doing the dishes has never been more fun.

    Planning A Kitchen Remodel

    Ever since moving into our first home, I’ve been looking forward to giving our kitchen a little facelift. While I’ve dreamed of giving it a complete overhaul with high end finishes – to make all my Pinterest dreams kitchen come to life – that just wasn’t in the budget.

    So instead of going into debt for a kitchen update, we decided on a budget, saved up, and made a plan to do as many kitchen updates as possible while staying inside of our budget.

    And I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Note: the complete budget breakdown is listed at the bottom of the post!

    To give you an idea of what we were working with, check out the before pictures.

    Here’s what the kitchen looked like on the day we moved in.

    basic kitchen before a remodel

    For starters, the kitchen walls were a weird greenish beige color. That needed to go! The kitchen had an small refrigerator that looked awkward inside of the huge cutout. The space looked basic and dated with a whole lot of wood cabinets, and wood trim.

    The finishes needed some upgrading, but the basic layout and design of the kitchen was functional. We knew that having a workable layout would make it easier to stay within the budget – replacing cabinets is expensive.

    Add in the fact that there are no windows in the room, and it’s the perfect recipe for a dark and gloomy space. Ewww…

    But, it’s come a long way since then. And today I’m spilling all the details that went into this kitchen makeover. Ready to see how it all turned out?

    I present to you….*drumroll*…. our kitchen makeover reveal!

    Wood and White Kitchen Remodel

    A huge thanks to Sinkology for providing products for this space! This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure here for more information.

    kitchen after remodel with wood cabinets, white countertops and subway tile backslash

    Come on in and let me give you a little tour. I’ll share about each of the changes that we’ve made.

    Solid Surface Countertops

    When I shared our plans for this kitchen makeover, I mentioned that we were going with LG Hi-Macs Solid Surface countertops in Arctic White (Home Depot). We chose solid surface over the many natural stone options to keep costs down.

    Solid surface countertops an affordable option, and although they are cheaper than granite and quartz, they’re still high very high quality and we love the clean look.

    Low maintenance, extremely durability, and excellent stain resistance are the marquee features of solid surface countertops.

    white countertops and subway tile decorated with salt and pepper shakers and olive oil dispenser

    These countertops will stand up to everyday use with minimal scratches and wear. The durability is nearly on par with that of natural stone, but the price tag won’t break bank. This was really important to us when deciding on a countertop material.

    kitchen remodel after picture with fresh flowers decorating the farmhouse sink

    What really sold me on these countertops, though, was the fact that they are extremely low maintenance. Not only do they have a high resistance to stains, chemicals and heat, but I love that this material is 100% non-porous. Read: easy to keep clean! ? Because, I’m not gonna lie… I am terrible when it comes to re-applying sealants and waxes!

    No need for any of that with these beauties!

    white solid surface countertops with a cup of coffee, a dishtowel and eucalyptus leaves

    Farmhouse Sink

    Speaking of beauty, let me introduce you to my favorite part about this kitchen makeover: our new farmhouse sink!

    after picture for kitchen makeover with a white farmhouse sink and pull down faucit

    Since the day I discovered Pinterest, I’ve been dreaming of owning an apron front farmhouse style sink. And let me just tell you, this sink has lived up to those dreams and more!

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    This all-in-one sink kit (Home Depot) was generously provided by Sinkology for this kitchen renovation. The all-in-one kit includes a fireclay apron front sink, a Pfister pull down faucet, and a few sink accessories like a metal grate for the bottom of the sink, and a matching drain stopper.

    Pfisher pull down faucet over a white farmhouse sink
    white sinkology farmhouse sink with metal grate in the bottom decorated with fresh flowers

    Not only is it gorgeous, but I absolutely love the functionality it provides. The giant, single basin sink really is so easy to use and dare I say that it makes washing dishes actually enjoyable?!

    I love that the fireclay sinks by Sinkology are tough, durable and easy to maintain. All it takes is a little soap and hot water to keep this thing looking spotless!

    Meyers soap sitting on white solid surface counter tops in front of a subway tile backsplash

    Pretty flowers help too. 😉

    budget kitchen renovation after picture of a white farmhouse sink

    The sleek pull down Pfister faucet creates the perfect blend of modern and traditional for the space. It’s easy to use and the pull down faucet makes rinsing out the sink so easy.

    We are loving it!

    kitchen renovation after picture showing the white countertops and new Pfisher faucet
    white Sinkology farmhouse sink and Pfisher pull down faucet

    Subway Tile Backsplash

    You may have caught a glimpse of the new backsplash behind the sink – subway tile! I decided to go with white subway tile to pull in more light finishes to help brighten up the kitchen. Because the countertops are also a solid white, we went with a medium grey grout to give it some contrast.

    after remodel looking over breakfast bar at the white & wood kitchen
    kitchen cooking utensils on white counter tops with white subway tile backsplash

    Subway tile is such a classic. It should help the kitchen to continue looking stylish for years to come. Mike and I did the whole installation ourselves (ok, mostly Mike – but I provided moral support).

    It was no easy task, but in the end, I think it turned out wonderfully!

    wood cabinets and white solid surface countertops with subway tile backsplash

    Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

    We upgraded the single overhead light to a sleek oil-rubbed-bronze flush mount LED light fixture from Amazon. I would have loved to add some pendant lights over the bar area, however that project just wasn’t in the budget for this kitchen makeover.

    As a cheaper way to get extra light in the kitchen, we installed under cabinet lighting (and above cabinet lighting). From a functionality standpoint, I am SO glad we did. The cabinet lighting casts a pleasant glow on the new subway tile backsplash, and the new countertops.

    The extra light helped transformed the kitchen from a basic and shadowy, to something that we could really be proud of. To see how we installed the new lighting, check out the full step-by-step tutorial I wrote that teaches you how to install cabinet lighting in only 30 minutes.

    White Shiplap Breakfast Bar

    When we purchased this home, the breakfast bar was finished with a green textured paint (it was terribly ugly!). Naturally, we wanted to get rid of it ASAP. One of our first DIY projects in the new house was installing a wood plank accent wall in the master bedroom.

    We liked the wood accent wall so much that we decided to use the same method, and install shiplap on the breakfast bar in the kitchen.

    Since there was already so much wood in the kitchen with all of the dark cabinetry, I decided to paint the shiplap white. It ended up matching our new countertops perfectly!

    We love the industrial style barstools from World Market. They can be adjusted to counter height or bar height, which will come in handy if we ever want to move them to a different area in the future.

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    kitchen after a budget remodel
    breakfast bar overlooking kitchen and long wood dining room table
    breakfast bar with dining room in the background

    Painting The Kitchen

    Speaking of white paint, I also painted all of the walls in this space using the same shade of white I’ve used throughout the rest of our home (Benjamin Moore White Dove). Checkout my top 5 favorite white paints in this post!

    Since we decided to keep the cabinets in their original wood color, painting all of the walls white really helped brighten up the entire space.

    New Cabinet Hardware

    I originally planned on keeping the existing cabinet pulls, but I changed my mind at the last minute. We’re talkin’ the day I planned on photographing the space for this blog post – last minute! My poor husband, ha! (I can’t be the only one who does this right? )

    After all of the old pulls were switched out for the new ones, I knew I made the right choice. The new oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls (Amazon) are a perfect blend of modern and rustic, which is totally my style! And thanks to Amazon Prime, my last minute decision only set the grand reveal back by 2 days.

    (Get a month of Amazon Prime for FREE with this link!)

    new kitchen cabinet hardware pulls
    white solid surface countertops with mason jar glasses on a cup holder
    budget kitchen remodel after picture

    New Kitchen Appliances

    During this kitchen remodel, we upgraded 3 of the main appliances: refrigerator, oven/range, and microwave. The refrigerator is actually a Craigslist find, and only cost $400 (score!).

    The new Frigidaire Gallery microwave oven (Home Depot) and the matching Frigidaire Gallery gas stove (Home Depot) were both purchased from Home Depot during their Memorial Day Sale. Being patient and waiting for a big sale helped fit the new appliances into the budet.

    Overall I am beyond happy with how our budget kitchen makeover turned out! It just goes to show that it IS possible to upgrade a space without a massive budget.

    All of the decor was sourced from things I already had around the house and in the pantry. This really helped keep our overall costs down.

    salt and pepper shakers with olive oil dispenser and flowers
    wood cutting boards leaned against white subway tile back splash
    rice, flour, and popcorn jars on a white counter top with a white subway tile back splash

    Speaking of budget, here is how our grand tally ended up…

    Kitchen Remodel Cost

    Kitchen remodel cost can vary drastically. Cost can range anywhere from ‘mostly elbow grease’ all the way up to ‘tens of thousands’ (or much more). For this project, our goal was to do everything on a budget, and only do projects that would have good ROI (return on investment).

    We wanted to make every dollar count. Our goal budget was: under $10,000.  Here’s the budget break down for our kitchen remodel.

    Total: $6,377.97

    All in all, I’m really proud of the transformation we were able to pull off while keeping our budget well below $10K. That isn’t easy to do in a kitchen!

    Farmhouse Style Kitchen Remodel Before And After

    You can see the difference all of the changes make in the before after!

    budget kitchen remodel before and after

    We love spending time in here now and it definitely feels like it is more “us“.

    If you’re curious about where any of the decor is from, I tried to link as much as I could in the source list below:

    Decor Source List:


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    Want my A-to-Z blueprint on how to design a room that’s beautiful and stylish?

    Thanks for following along and cheering us on as we’ve tackled this makeover, friends! I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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    Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

    69 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel On A Budget | New Countertops & Farmhouse Sink”

    1. Ashley it turned out so amazing, I love the wood and white together and all of the gorgeous little details you’ve added in the styling. Great job friend 🙂

    2. Love, Love, Love it!
      I’m MOTIVATED by the price of the subway tile and the paint for my own kitchen! Wow, that is really affordable!
      Wood & White might be my new favorite- You made it work so well! I could totally do that with a can of paint and the subway tile!!! I’ll have to look back at your paint guide before I buy though!!!
      Now that “summer” has arrived for you- ENJOY!!!!!

      1. Yes! There are definitely some budget upgrades that make a HUGE difference, like the subway tile and paint 🙂 I’m excited to see how your kitchen updates come along!

    3. Ashley this is outstanding! I was so glad you put the before and after photos at the end to easily see the difference. What an incredible difference. Bravo on the handwork! I love all the new details, hardware, backsplash, sink, counter top, refrigerator for $400 (that was a total find), range and microwave, and the ship lap island with those beautiful stools. Wow!!!!!! Congrats on a job well done.

      XO Elizabeth Bear

      1. Awe, thank you so much Elizabeth!! Everything came together so well, thank you for your kind words! And right?! When we saw that fridge on Craigslist we couldn’t pass that up! Thank you so much for following along and encouraging us, friend!

    4. Your kitchen is beautiful!! I’m wondering if you used actual shiplap on the bar or is it the same wood planks with the V that you used in the master. I can’t tell and I’m debating between those two for my kitchen.

      1. Thanks so much! Yes, we used the same 1×6 pine tongue and groove boards we used in the master! I think the tongue and groove might be a little cheaper? But I do like the square edge look of real shiplap… Ultimately I don’t think you can tell much of a difference unless you are up close and inspecting the grooves.

    5. I didn’t care for the wood on wood look of the kitchen floor against the wood of the lower cabinets. I would have painted the lower cabinets white. Just my thoughts.

      1. It baffles me that you would make a point to comment something so negative! I think it looks great.

        1. I wasn’t trying to be negative just expressing my opinion. There is no right or wrong. Loosen up a little. 😉

    6. Your kitchen is beautiful. I am hoping to redo ours this spring and was looking on Pinterest for ideas. I have the same color cupboards as you, and I want to do the same color/type of counter as you. Where did you get it? Is it quartz?

      1. It is an LG solid surface counter top in the color Arctic White; you can get them at Lowe’s or Home Depot. I linked to the specific ones we used in the post. Good luck with your kitchen reno! How exciting!

    7. Thanks for posting this renovation. I am currently looking at doing the same thing but just wasn’t sure and since it is beautiful I am going ahead with our plans. I just can’t decide between stainless steel or slate appliances. I have picked a white quartz and white subway tile. I was going to paint walls antique white by Sherwin Williams but am now thinking white.

      1. Hi Rosy! I’m so glad our makeover could give you confidence in your own plans! As far as paint colors, since you are going with more of a true white for tile and counter tops, I would recommend not going toooo antique for the cabinets (you may run into the cabinets looking dirty or yellowish when up against the pure whites). You could always do more of a pale tan/sand color, or even grey if you wanted to mix it up with the cabinet color. For appliances, I honestly think either of those options will look great! Best of luck with your renovation, how exciting!

        1. You did a fantastic job – so glad you did not paint the cabinets:) I did a similar refresh and also love the look of wood and white / cream. I love my apron front sink too.

        1. Did your drawers originally have a knob pull like the upper cabinets? Or were they a handle pull?

        2. I noticed that you switched the side that the hardware is on for the corner cupboard. How did you manage to cover up the hole from the previous hardware so well?

    8. This looks amazing and inspiring! Thank you for sharing. Did you do anything with the cabinets themselves? Like sanding and staining? That’s the part I’m the most interested in!

      1. No, we left the cabinets alone. These are the original cabinets that came with the home when we purchased it. The only change we made was updating the cabinet hardware.

    9. We’re currently looking at re-doing and designing our kitchen, so this post is fab, as it isn’t all that big. I’m looking to completely change the styling and these are right up my street! Thank you so much for sharing so many amazing ideas.

    10. Question about the beautiful Apron front sink, did you have to modify the cabinet? If yes, what was done and such? My husband is nervous about modifications to the cabinet which translates to “no Apron Front for me” unless I can find specifics.

    11. This is beautiful! I love everything about it. Our cabinets are a light honey oak, builder-grade and I know I won’t be able to convince my husband to paint them and I actually have other things I would rather spend time and money on. Literally everything about your project I love and will show this to my husband as an example for the tile, grout, hardware, countertops, probably skip on the sink….but it is beautiful!

      1. Thank you so much Lauren! I felt the same way about our cabinets, they weren’t my favorite color but skipping over them allowed us to spend our time and resources elsewhere. Good luck on your kitchen updates!

    12. Are you happy with your counter tops still?? We are looking to replace our awful tile countertops but don’t have a huge budget. Are you glad you went with the grey grout?

      1. Hi Tricia! Yes, we were so happy with our countertops! Unfortunately, we sold that house so we no longer get to appreciate the kitchen remodel. The countertops were holding up perfectly though. And yes, I really like how the gray grout turned out – I love the contrast!

    13. I’m a little late to the game here, but I saw this post on Pinterest and I LOVE your budget makeover! I’m an interior designer and constantly on the lookout for inspiration images of a modern kitchen with cherry cabinets and a white countertop. Totally impressive!

    14. Your kitchen remodel is just lovely! You have such a pretty sense of style.. 😊. I love that you have shown what is possible for most people without huge redecorating budgets. Great ideas!

    15. Beautiful!! Did you paint all the floor trim white throughout the house and leave the doors/trim and windows trim stained? I’m having this dilemma in my house! There is sooo much woodwork and while I love white trim, it seems overwhelming to paint it all! Do you think it would look bad to keep the windows and doors as is, or would it look goofy to have it be mismatched?

      1. Hi there, thank you! And yes, that’s exactly what I did – baseboards were all painted the same white as the walls and I left the door frames/window trim the wood stain color. I think it flows well and didn’t look mismatched at all. Would do it again!

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