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The Best Hack for A Small Living Room

    A small living room doesn’t have to be boring. Use these simple decorating ideas using a floor pouf to maximize space in the living room!

    a large fabric floor pouf in front of a leather sofa with a tray on top

    Since becoming full time RVers, creating a space that is comfortable AND functional has been a challenge. With such a small living area, space is limited and things have to be well thought out.

    When designing our living room, I had to get creative. It’s located right in the middle of everything and doubles as our entryway.

    After bringing in our large sofa, there wasn’t a lot of room for end tables, extra seating or foot stools.

    But the sofa alone was, well.. boring.

    Enter… the pouf!

    Large pouf for living room in front of a leather sofa

    This versatile home accessory doesn’t take up much room and is also very decorative. They can be used as extra seating and are a great way to add texture to a room.

    This was so important to me when designing our small RV living room. Since I loved our Sven sofa from Article so much, selecting the Hira Ottoman to accompany it was an easy choice.

    I love that it is a neutral color and can blend in anywhere, while also adding some yummy texture with the braided chunky wool sides. The large size is perfect for its multipurpose functions, yet can still be easily moved around.

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    Here are 3 ways I make the most of our multipurpose floor pouf in our small living room:

    1. As a footstool

    This may be the most obvious function, but it’s a must in our home! A large floor pouf makes a great ottoman for tired feet.

    Large pouf in a small room in front of a brown leather couch

    There’s nothing more relaxing than sinking into a comfy couch and putting your feet up after a long day.

    2. An Impromptu side table

    Since our space is so small, there’s no room for side tables. I love that I can easily transform our pouf into a makeshift table by adding a sturdy tray. This provides a space for some extra decor, while also offering a place to set a drink.

    Closeup of a fabric floor pouf with a tray on top in front of sofa

    The tray is practical because it keeps everything neatly corralled, while also making it easily removable.

    I kept it simple with some artificial greenery, a candle and a stack of coasters.

    Overhead angle of a decorative tray that has a candle, greenery and coasters

    Large pouf with a tray on top in front of brown leather sofa

    3. Extra seating

    Having the option to provide additional seating in the RV was important to us. Adding a pouf to the living room was a great way to accomplish this without crowding the room or blocking the flow of traffic!

    Large fabric pouf with two throw pillows and a blanket on top

    To help encourage others to take a seat and get cozy, I added a couple of throw pillows and a blanket. This is a great way to connect the pouf to the rest of the space, yet still have it off to the side ready to be pulled up to the conversation when needed.

    Large woven pouf in front of a leather sofa with pillows and a blanket

    With multiple functions, floor poufs are a great solution for small living rooms. I love the way it enhances my decor with its cozy texture while also solving some of my small space issues.

    Function AND style. My favorite! 🙂

    Floor pouf for living room in front of a leather sofa with a decorative tray on top

    What’s your favorite way to use a pouf for your living room? Is there a magical use I’m overlooking?! I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

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    How to Use a Pouf for Your Living Room