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5th Wheel Bedroom Remodel Reveal

    It’s reveal day! This time I’m walking you through our RV master bedroom remodel in the fifth wheel and sharing all the details on how we made this space oh so cozy. Keep reading for light & airy RV bedroom makeover ideas!

    I can’t wait to show ya how we’ve transformed our master bedroom in the 5th wheel – from dark and blah to bright and ahhhh.

    Psssttt… This is the second RV we’ve renovated. (We have a thing for RVs, ok? 😉) To see the remodeled bedroom in our last RV, checkout this post.

    We did a full video walkthrough and shared all of the behind the scenes of this transformation over on our 5th Wheel Reno Series on YouTube (and I’d love for you to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already), but today I’m diving into all the details of our RV master bedroom makeover.

    If you enjoy video content, checkout the video below – otherwise keep reading to see all the master bedroom before & after pics!

    Video Tour – Our RV Remodel Reveal!

    Note: all sources are listed at the bottom of the post!

    RV Bedroom Remodel Before & After

    As a reminder, let’s take a look at what the RV master bedroom looked like before we began the 5th wheel remodel project.

    The upstairs bedroom in the fifth wheel has one slide-out which is where the king size bed is situated. On the back wall (which is actually the front of the trailer) is a double door closet as well as an additional closet with washer/dryer hookups.

    Opposite of the bed is a built-in dresser and window, and on the other side is a sliding door that leads to the RV bathroom.

    It doesn’t look like this anymore though! Checkout the RV bedroom reveal below:

    RV Master Bedroom Remodel (After!)

    We kept the overall layout of the room the same and mostly beautified the whole space. We used the same color of white paint on the walls that we used in the rest of the RV (Sherwin Williams Alabaster). This helped instantly brighten up the space.

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    RV Headboard Makeover

    One of the biggest changes we made to our 5th wheel master bedroom was adding a DIY headboard. This was such a simple project but adds so much interest to the space.

    How do you make an RV headboard? I’m glad you asked. 😉

    For our RV headboard makeover, we used a 4ft by 8ft sheet of pre-finished plywood and cut it into a semicircle to create a pretty, yet minimal, arch shaped headboard.

    To install it, we used screws and construction adhesive.

    I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. The arched wood headboard gives a modern boho vibe while also adding some rounded features to a space that otherwise has a lot of square corners.

    RV Bedroom Storage Ideas

    Our master bedroom in the 5th wheel actually has SO much more storage than the previous RV bedroom we remodeled. The double door closet with two drawers below, along with the wide dresser underneath the window creates so much storage space for his & hers clothing.

    We also have extra linens, blankets, and out of season clothing stored under the bed. But one of my favorite storage spaces in this room is our tiny RV laundry room.

    RV Remodel Laundry Room

    To the right of the mirrored door closet is a smaller closet area that came with laundry hookups- here’s a quick reminder of what it looked like before.

    While this space could be used as an additional closet, we were thrilled to be able to turn it into our cute little RV laundry room. Here’s what it looks like now:

    Many full-time RVers have a stackable washer/dryer setup, and this space is setup perfectly for that option, however we chose to go with a combo washer/dryer unit to make space for a small countertop & a rod to hang-dry clothing above.

    Each option has their pros & cons, but ultimately the combo unit worked best for our needs. We have the Splendide 2100 XC model.

    Update: We’ve lived in the 5th wheel for over a year now and have zero regrets about this setup!

    RV Washer & Dryer FAQs

    Every time I share about our combo washer/dryer unit on Instagram, I’m flooded with questions. So let me answer them here in case you’re curious as well. 😉

    Can you put a full size washer & dryer in an RV?

    Not really… Most RVs will not have the space for a full size residential washer & dryer setup. Additionally, the electrical plug-in for the dryer is 120v, whereas a standard residential dryer would require a 240v outlet.

    Do RV washer/dryer combos work?

    Yes! They may take a little getting used to (load size, access to hookups, the fact that the entire trailer will shake during spin cycle- ha!), but having the convenience of washing your clothes in your own home is so nice!

    Vented or Ventless – Does it really matter?

    This is important- many of the complaints we’ve seen with RV dryers taking forever to dry a load of laundry is because they’re using a ventless option. This is why we chose to go with the vented route, and it’s worked well for us.

    I’ve heard the dryer takes forever- is this true?

    While I addressed this briefly in the answer above, I can only truly speak to the combo washer/dryer combo that we used (it has a vented dryer).

    Generally speaking, with a mixed load of cotton garments, I set the dryer setting to a timed dry time of 100min and this gets the job done. Occasionally, especially if I’m drying bedding/linens, I’ll set the dryer on 60min dry time, then fluff the sheets a bit and run again for another 40min.

    (If we’re boondocking or staying somewhere without clothesline rules, I’ll skip the last 40min in the dryer and hang them out in the sun instead!)

    The dryer can also make quick work of smaller loads, or with garments that dry rapidly (swimsuits, athletic clothes, etc). Depending on load size and type, it can complete a dry cycle in as little as 30 min.

    Can you wash a normal size load of laundry using an RV washer/dryer?

    Yes…ish. It sort of depends on what you consider a normal load size. For example I can wash & dry 1 king size fitted sheet, 1 king size flat sheet & 2 king size pillowcases in one load. This is probably pushing the maximum load size, but it works!

    I’ve found that the combo washer/dryer works best with multiple smaller loads as opposed to one large load. If by chance I do overfill the washer, it will usually wash the clothes just fine but will take forrrrrrrrrever to dry the clothes. In fact when this happens, I’ll usually end up taking half of the clothes out and dry them in two separate loads…while one pile of wet laundry sits on our bed. NOT ideal.

    There’s a lot of helpful info & sample load sizes with recommended settings in the instruction manual (yes, I’m one of those people who reads instruction manuals front to back). I’ve found these recommendations to be pretty accurate.

    Here’s an example of a sample load & recommended dry time:

    2-3 bath towels, 2 hand towels & 2 washcloths – Wash cycle: Regular Cotton Heavy Duty and 90-120min dry time.

    I usually set the dry time to 80min, then fluff the linens a bit and run again for another 20-40minutes. This has worked really well!

    RV Laundry Room Decor & Details

    We removed the original bi-fold door and opted for a textured curtain panel from Target. For a cheap (but cute!) curtain rod option, we used a wooden dowl and these leather straps.

    I love the simple yet unique detail they add.

    There’s just enough room in between the combo washer/dryer and the dresser for our collapsible laundry basket. We’ve had this exact hamper since we lived in our first remodeled RV and it is perfect for tiny living!

    Note: it looks like they’ve recently updated this laundry basket to be more sturdy, yet still collapsible! This link is the same brand & item that I purchased years ago, but you’ll see the style is improved: Slim Foldable Laundry Hamper

    We added a countertop above the washer / dryer to add some space for organization. To make the countertop, we were able to use a scrap of plywood from the headboard. We also used the same finished plywood to reface the drawers underneath the closet.

    I used a woven seagrass basket to store all of the not so pretty laundry must-haves and used a glass container to house my wool dryer balls.

    A faux potted plant, mini wood house and a framed print finished off this cutie corner.

    RV Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    While fresh paint and custom shelves are fun and all, sometimes it’s the little things that make a space feel cozy.

    Like a fun lumbar pillow for a minimal, yet styled look. I found this one at TJ Maxx, but here is a similar style to achieve the same look.

    A cozy white throw casually draped across the foot of the bed completes this light & airy bedding vibe.

    Small Bedroom Rug Idea

    Since the floorspace in this room was pretty minimal and the bed frame is built into the flooring, my only option for a rug in here was a runner. But this Ruggable runner fits perfectly and *bonus* it’s washable!

    Ruggable was nice enough to give my readers a special code to save on their entire purchase! Use code: JOYFULLYGROWING15 for 15% off at checkout.

    Note: I’ve heard others complaining about Ruggable rugs not staying put and/or the corners pulling up, but I haven’t had either of those experiences. This is the second Ruggable rug we’ve owned and I highly recommend them. (You can see the other Ruggable runner we had in our first RV kitchen remodel.)

    RV Master Bedroom TV

    Across from the bed is where we have our Samsung Frame TV. Mike neeeeeded to have the largest TV possible for the bedroom, so there wasn’t quiiiiiite enough room for it to be mounted fully flush against the wall (which is kinda the whole point of this TV), but I still love that you can display digital art on the screen when you’re not binging shows.

    Tip: You can download beautiful digital art on Etsy that is created for the Frame TV. This set of 4 landscape paintings is stunning!

    To the left of the TV is where I hung up my favorite decorative mirror. This is a dupe of the infamous Arhaus mirror– much more affordable and just as stunning! Mine is from Decor Steals (one of my favorite flash sale sites for cute home decor pieces.)

    Also, yes- this gets removed when we travel. It can easily be removed from the wall and we simply store it on the bed when we’re on the road.

    To the right of the TV I hung up a couple of my hats. I love functional decor, especially when living tiny. This is a great way to store my hats so they don’t take up space in our small closet.

    These hats have been a staple wall decor piece in almost all of our bedrooms. See how I styled them here in our Montana house, and again in our first RV bedroom makeover.

    Below the TV we installed some white blackout roller shades just above the window. We have these roller shades on almost every window in the 5th wheel- they work so well for these odd sized windows since the shades are custom ordered. Highly recommend!

    The dresser is built-in and was part of the original design. We gave it a fresh look by painting it white, and adding a more minimal, modern wood top. We used the same brass cabinet pulls that we used in the kitchen to pull the whole look together. (These are the 18″ bars.)

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    On top of the dresser is a black & brass lamp I found at TJ Maxx (here’s a similar option) and a faux plant I keep inside this little terra cotta planter. Minimal, yet cute!

    Lastly, on the wall opposite our closet is a sliding door that leads into the bathroom. Many 5th wheels have the bathroom IN the master bedroom, and we loved that this floorplan kept the two spaces more separate.

    RV Bedroom Remodel Before and After Photos

    I’ve linked all of the sources below, but first let’s look at some side by side before and afters!

    Below is a full source list for our 5th Wheel Master Bedroom Makeover:

    I hope you enjoyed our RV bedroom tour! I’m a firm believer that your bedroom should be a relaxing place for you to unwind at the end of the day- even if it’s a tiny space. 😉

    I couldn’t be happier with how this room came together. I hope it gave you some small bedroom inspiration you can use in your own home!

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    If you’ve missed any of our previous 5th wheel posts, you can catch up and get more details about each of the projects here. And you can see all of the posts on our first remodeled RV here.

    Have any questions about our 5th wheel master bedroom remodel? I’d love to answer them in the comments below! 

    RV Bedroom Ideas in a 5th Wheel