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Cozy RV Bedroom Remodel

    RV Bedroom Makeover

    Our RV bedroom remodel is complete with a wood accent wall and open shelving. See how we turned our RV bedroom into a cozy oasis with lots of storage! Check out the RV bedroom ideas in this post!

    It’s reveal day!! I hope you’ve been enjoying all of our RV remodel projects so far. Today we’re showing off our tiny, yet oh so cozy, RV bedroom remodel!

    Note: all sources are listed at the bottom of the post!

    RV bedroom remodel with a wood accent wall

    Before and After The RV Remodel

    To give you some perspective of how far this bedroom has come, here’s what it looked like the day we purchased it:

    Before photo of a 2005 Damon Bayridge park model RV bedroom with carpet and overhead cabinets

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    RV Bedroom Wood Accent Wall

    Alright, let’s talk about my favorite part of this bedroom first. Ever since we installed our first DIY wood plank accent wall in our old house, I’ve been addicted. So it only made sense to add one to the back wall in our RV bedroom remodel!

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    RV bed inside a popout with a wood plank accent wall

    Instead of the classic horizontal planks, this time we went with a fun geometric design. To see the step by step tutorial for this modern wood wall, checkout this post!

    I love how the wood instantly makes the entire space feel cozy and warm.

    RV bedroom remodel with underbed storage and a geometric wood plank accent wall

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    We replaced the original wall sconces with vintage style brass sconces. The modern light fixtures add a pop of interest against the rustic wood wall.

    Closeup of wood plank accent wall behind bed and a brass wall sconce
    Brass wall sconce with globe light shade

    DIY RV Bed Frame

    Unlike most RVs, ours didn’t come with a built-in bed frame. Since our RV-Queen size mattress takes up the majority of the room, we built a DIY version of the classic RV bed frame that lifts up for easy access to storage space under the bed. (I plan to write a post detailing all of the storage solutions in the RV, so I won’t go into much more detail here.)

    RV bedroom with bed inside popout and baskets under the bed

    To keep the space feeling light and airy, Mike designed the bed frame to have an overhang which ended up being the perfect space for some extra baskets and bins. These are great for things like shoes, extra sweatshirts, and linens. When you’re living tiny, any cleaver space storage ideas make a huge difference!

    RV bed with baskets underneath for storage

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    RV Bedding

    Speaking of linens, I’m so excited about our RV bedding. Since our mattress touches all 3 walls of the pop-out, making the bed was nearly impossible. Until I discovered Beddy’s bedding.

    RV bed with zippered bedding and hats on the wall

    It’s a 2-piece set: the bottom piece wraps around the bottom of the mattress like a fitted-sheet and zips to the top comforter/top sheet piece. Making the bed is as easy as zipping up the sides!

    And I love that the zipper is hidden with a small fabric flap.

    RV bedding with throw pillows and a wood accent wall headboard

    No more wrestling with the mattress corners trying to tuck the sheets in while sitting on top of the bed!

    I picked the Oh-So-Boho style that is a light tan oatmeal color. I love that it’s still soft and neutral, but doesn’t get dirty as quickly as our old white linen duvet.

    To dress up the bedding and add some extra coziness, I added a few throw pillows.

    RV bedding and throw pillows in front of a wood accent wall

    These are the 20″ down feather IKEA inserts and my pillow covers are by the brand Woven Nook that I purchased on Amazon. The pillow covers came in a 4 pack for only $40 and the quality is so good!

    Closeup of geometric pillow covers in front of a wood accent wall

    After I purchased this set of 4, I went back and ordered this set too! I love all of the fun patterns and colors. All of the styles go well together so swapping new ones in for a fresh look is easy!

    Closeup of RV bed with throw pillows

    RV Bedroom Decor & Accessories

    On the opposite side of the pop-out is where we mounted our TV.

    Wall mounted flat screen TV in an RV

    Because of the location of the wall stud, the TV had to be off-center. At first I didn’t love that idea, but ultimately this was the only space for a TV.

    I decided to dress up the rest of the wall with my “p.s. i love you” letters, a wall clock and some twinkle lights. This really helped frame in the off-center TV. And now movie nights are extra cozy!

    Wall clock with twinkle lights around it

    The closet is to the right of our TV wall.

    This is the only closet in the RV so I had to get creative when it came to fitting all of mine and Mike’s clothing in there. (More on that in a future post.)

    RV bedroom with wall mounted TV and mirrored door closets

    Just below the closet doors are 2 drawers that we also use for clothing. We were able to utilize the space in between the bed frame and the closet for a laundry bin.

    Side by side photos of a closet showing a laundry bin tucked in out of sight

    After taking precise measurements and searching on Amazon for the better part of a day, I was SO excited when I found this cute laundry tote. Not only did it fit perfectly in our space, but it has handles which makes it easy to carry across the lawn to our neighbors’ laundry room where we do all of our laundry.

    Laundty tote sitting on top of bed in an RV

    It’s like this laundry bin was made for this RV bedroom remodel! 🙂

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    On the other side of the room, we added 2 small open shelves.

    RV bedroom with 2 small shelves and hats hanging on the wall

    These are actually the same shelves that used to be above the coffee bar in our old house. I’m so glad I hung onto them!

    Two open shelves with candles and greenery on top

    They were a great spot for me to incorporate some cute decor and a little greenery.

    Small wood vase with eucalyptus in it

    Next to the shelves I used command strips to hang up my wide-brimmed hats.

    RV bedroom remodel with hats hanging on the wall and open shelving

    I came up with this decorative way to store my hats in our old master bedroom and love how this wall decor idea has dual function!

    Open shelving on the wall and hats hung on a hook

    There you have it! Our completed RV bedroom remodel!

    There wasn’t a lot of room for extras in this space, but I’m happy with how we were able to make it our own with a fun accent wall and open shelving.

    I’ve linked all of the sources below, but first let’s look at a side by side before and after!

    RV bedroom before and after photo

    Below is a full source list for our RV bedroom remodel:

    I hope you enjoyed the tour in our cozy RV bedroom!

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    Have any questions about our RV bedroom remodel? I’d love to answer them in the comments below! 

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    RV Bedroom Remodel Before & After