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Wall Decor Ideas | Creative Ways To Decorate Any Wall

    Don’t let a blank wall intimidate you any longer! Use these wall decor ideas to create eye-catching features on your walls.

    Creative ways to decorate blank walls in your home

    How To Decorate A Blank Wall For Any Room In Your Home

    Adding wall decor to a blank wall is one of my favorite ways to decorate. I love starting with a blank wall, and creating a look that catches the eye without being too busy.

    Choose one of these ideas, or pair multiple together!

    1. Wall Decor Sets

    Fill blank wall space with coordinating wall decor pieces. Look for wall art that comes in a set like the 4 piece rattan geometric set seen in the image below. Simple decor in neutral shades keeps the focus on the art arrangement.


    Displaying a gallery wall in your home is an easy way to decorate with art that has special significance in your life. Similar to wall decor sets, this decorating idea uses multiple pieces of art. But with much more variety.

    Check out my YouTube video on how to create a gallery wall!

    YouTube video

    Check out the guide I wrote called – How To Layout A Gallery Wall. It has all the info and tips you need to make your very own gallery wall that looks stunning.

    gallery wall in a living room

    3. Mirrors

    Mirrors are a classic choice when it comes to decorating your walls. They come in all different sizes and designs which keeps your decor interesting.

    Mirrors are also a great way to reflect light in a room with only one window, making the room appear bigger and brighter as mentioned in this post – 5 Ways To Brighten Up Any Room.


    4. Wood Accent Wall

    Adding a wood accent wall in your home is the perfect way to create contrast, and incorporate natural wood texture. Wood accent walls can be left raw, stained & sealed, or even painted.

    Although I love natural wood colored accent walls, a Joanna Gaines approved white shiplap accent wall is one of my personal favorites ways to finish out a DIY wood accent wall.

    To learn how to install your own wood accent wall, see this guide I wrote called How To Install A Wood Accent Wall. It has step by step instructions and lots of pictures!

    5. DIY Wall Hanging

    Making a DIY wall hanging is easier than you might think, and it’s a great way to add interest and texture to any wall. Here is a step by step guide on How To Make A Simple DIY Wall Hanging.

    If you’d rather purchase a wall hanging, there’s plenty of woven wall hanging options on Amazon for around $20 (linked below).

    6. Use Hats as Wall Art

    Looking for a quick but stunning way to fill up a blank wall? Round up a few of your favorite hats for a fun twist on functional decor. This ideas kills two birds with one stone – you’re creating an organization system and decorating at the same time.

    Plus, using your own hats makes this idea essentially free (or gives you an excuse to buy a few more!).


    7. Wall Tapestry

    Use different textures on your walls like quilts or wall tapestries to give your space added dimension and impact. Browse your local thrift stores and flea markets to see if you can score a vintage piece that tells a story.

    Otherwise there’s tons of options available on Etsy & Amazon. A few of my favorites are linked below.

    8. Basket Wall

    Baskets can be used for so much more than storage – who knew! A basket wall collage is one of the most interesting and fun ways to decorate a wall.

    There’s no rules with this idea, just pick your favorite baskets and start hanging! You can find woven baskets for your basket wall at thrift stores and flea markets, or see below for my favorite Amazon sets.

    9. Free Printables!

    Printables are a budget friendly and easy way to decorate your walls. Choose inexpensive frames to display your favorite printables and give them a finished look.

    I have a whole library of free printables to help you decorate any room in your home – sign up here to get access!

    For a simple framing technique, use poster hangers that allow the piece to simply slide into the frame, and hang the unit up by a ribbon. Check out this this magnetic wooden printable frame – its available on Amazon for less than $15.

    These wall art ideas will help fill up every blank spot in your home. Which idea from the list was your favorite? For more decorating ideas, read 24+ Popular Home Decor Trends next!

    Creative Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home