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How To Make A Simple DIY Wall Hanging

    If you’re looking for a simple DIY project to make a decorating statement in your home, this hand woven driftwood wall hanging is your new best friend! Not to mention it costs next to nothing to make, win-win! Follow the 4 step tutorial below to get started!

    DIY wall hanging

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    Step 1: Gather Supplies

    All you need is some yarn in the colors of your choice, fabric scissors (Amazon) and some type of rod or stick. I opted for the literal version that I picked up on our recent hike to give it some unique texture. Get creative here and choose materials that match the style you are going for.

    yarn and scissors for making a DIY wall hanging

    Step 2: Make Your Cuts

    Determine how long you want your wall hanging to be. Next, cut a piece of yarn that is double that length. Use this piece as your guide to cut the rest of your pieces until you have enough to span the width of your stick.

    cutting yarn with scissors

    yarn for a DIY wall hanging

    Step 3: Tie The Knots

    Once you have all of the yarn cut into the proper lengths, take the first piece and lay the loop over the stick. Wrap it around and pull the two ends through the loop from behind, forming a ‘knot’ in front.

    how to make a DIY woven wall hanging

    Continue this step until you have secured each piece of yarn in the pattern of your choice. It should look something like this:

    close-up of woven wall hanging

    Step 4: Finishing Touches

    You will most likely have uneven ends after all of the knots are formed. You can either leave them that way for a ‘perfectly imperfect’ look or simply use your scissors to cut the bottom into any shape you like!

    cutting the wall hanging yarn with scissors

    Tie some string to both ends in order to hang it on a nail and you’re done. Easy peasy!

    a handmade DIY driftwood wall hanging

    close-up of the DIY wall hanging yarn

    DIY driftwood woven wall hanging

    Thanks for following along with this super simple wall hanging! For more DIY inspo, checkout all of my DIY projects!

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