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Baby Organization Systems in an RV

    Looking for baby organization ideas for small spaces? See how we’ve created 4 organizational systems for all the baby things inside our RV.

    Organized baby clothes storage baskets. Text overlay: "organization systems for baby items"

    It’s a whole new world for us with our sweet baby girl, and my how our lives have changed! We may be a little sleep deprived, but it is SO worth it to have this little one in our arms.

    Now that we’ve been able to adjust to our new normal as a family of 3, I wanted to address a common question we’ve been asked since bringing baby home in the RV:

    “Where do you keep all of the baby stuff??”

    Today I’m sharing our organizational systems for all the baby items in the RV. No matter the size of your space, I hope these tips will help you create a system for keeping all of the stuff that comes along with a new baby organized.

    Baby Organization Systems In An RV

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    1. Clothing Organization

    Keeping baby clothes to a minimum can be tricky. There are so many cute outfits available, it’s hard not to buy all the things! Not to mention all of the baby clothes that are gifted from loving family members and friends.

    So even though I do try to not acquire tons of baby clothing, I knew I needed a great organizational system for this category.

    Our closet space is already limited, so there was no room to add an additional wardrobe  – even if it was for a tiny human. Instead, I created a storage system using bins and drawer organizers for all the baby clothes.

    baby organization storage baskets under a bed

    The storage bins fit perfectly under the overhang of our bed which makes them easily accessible, without taking up much room.

    an organized bedroom with storage baskets under the bed

    Inside the bins, I was able to stack two sets of drawer organizers. Stacking the organizers gave me room to fit lots of little newborn onesies, pants, socks and headbands. After all, the clothes are tiny and really don’t take up much room!

    After putting the drawer organizers into the basket, there was still some storage space available on the sides. This made the perfect little spot to store swaddles and blankets.

    baby clothes storage basket with organizational dividers

    storage basket dividers for baby clothes organizing

    baby clothes storage basket


    2. Diaper & Hygiene Organization

    There’s one thing everyone knows about babies: they go through A LOT of diapers! So I knew we needed a system that allowed quick access to lots of diapers and wipes.

    Enter my secret weapon: the utility cart.

    three tier utility cart for storing baby supplies

    Ok, maybe it’s not so secret, but it IS a great way to create a diaper station that doesn’t take up much room. And because it’s on wheels, it’s really easy to move around the RV.

    This makes makes diaper changes a breeze. I highly recommend using a utility cart to create an organized station for all the baby things!

    closeup of three tier utility cart with baby diapers, wipes and other supplies organized

    Tip: Want to save BIG on diapers? We use Amazon’s diaper subscription to save 20% on all of our diapers. Not only does it save us money, but having it set up as a monthly subscription ensures that we don’t run out!

    I highly recommend it, and it’s easy to set up. You can read more about Amazon’s diaper subscription service here!

    Organizing The Utility Cart

    The top tier is where we have our most used items. Everything is stored inside a cute felt organizer bag. The most used supplies are easily accessible, right on top.

    The organizer is perfect for loose diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, a changing pad, and pacifiers.

    top shelf of a baby supplies three tier utility cart

    Note: Space is limited in the RV, so having a designated changing table was not an option. However, the travel changing mat that came with my Lily Jade diaper bag has been a perfect solution! You can read the full diaper bag review blog post here.

    The changing mat rolls up, and stores easily when not in use. When we’re out and about, it’s easy to throw into the diaper bag and go. No need for having duplicates!

    Lilly Jade diaper bag

    second tier of the three tier utility cart with baby supplies

    On the second tier of the utility cart, I used another set of drawer organizers for all the baby hygiene items like soaps, lotions, wash cloths, burp cloths, and a hooded towel.

    There was also room for some extra packages of wipes and a box of disposable nursing pads.

    third tier of the three tier baby organization utility cart

    The bottom tier is perfect for for keeping an extra stash of diapers. We’ve been using the Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Diapers on Subscribe & Save, and love the convenience! The quality seems to be just as good as the other major brands, but they are cheaper, and it’s certainly more convenient to have them delivered on schedule without even having to think about it!


    3. Sleeping Area

    Having a space for baby to sleep is obviously extremely important. We chose use a Moses basket style bassinet.

    I liked that the basket could be used beyond just for nighttime and naps. It can be easily moved around and even taken outside when we want to get some fresh air. It provides a safe spot for the baby to lay.

    Moses basket in a small bedroom

    We got the rocking stand to hold the basket at night. The setup keeps the basket at bed level, like a traditional bassinet.

    Moses basket on a bed

    During the day we usually move the stand out of the way and keep the basket on our bed for her naps.

    For a baby monitor we decided to go with the Lollipop monitor (as seen in the photo above). The flexible silicone handle makes it easy to move around and adjust depending on where we have the basket setup. This was a huge perk for us since we do not have a traditional crib setup.


    4. Kitchen Items

    Right now I am exclusively breastfeeding, so we don’t have many items when it comes to feeding the baby. But there are a few things, so I needed to find somewhere to store them. I cleared out a drawer in the kitchen and started organizing.

    I used a couple of different containers to create an organizational system inside the baby’s kitchen drawer. This gave each item a designated place inside the drawer which really helps keep everything organized.

    baby items organized in a kitchen drawer

    Inside the baby’s kitchen drawer we have the following:

    Tips for Success With Baby Organization Systems

    Whether you have tons of space for baby things or you’re needing to keep things minimal, there are 4 main categories that I consider to be baby essentials:

    • baby clothing
    • diaper/hygiene items
    • sleeping area
    • feeding/kitchen items

    Having organizational systems in place for each of these areas will make your job as a new parent so much easier!

    What are some tips you have for keeping baby items organized? Are there any areas I may have missed? 

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