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Best Inflatable SUP | Paddle Board On A Budget

    If you’re looking for an affordable, high quality inflatable SUP (Paddle Board) available in 2020, then you’ve come to the right place!  This post is NOT sponsored, but I’ve been enjoying my Aqua Marina Vapor Inflatable Paddle Board (Amazon) so much that I wanted to share my honest review.

    Which is the Best Inflatable Paddle Board on Amazon?

    Girl holding inflatable SUP looking out over lake

    Every summer we escape to the nearest lake to soak up some sun. Although we don’t have a boat, we make up for it with water floaties, kayaks, and now, an inflatable SUP – the Aqua Marina VAPOR inflatable Paddle Board

    An Honest Review: Best Affordable SUP

    I had been keeping an eye out for an affordable inflatable SUP (paddle board) for a few years, and it seemed like all the options were really expensive.

    Blond girl standing on inflatable SUP in the middle of a lake with arms raised

    After tons of research, the Aqua Marina Vapor inflatable stand up paddle board (Amazon) landed on top of my list, and then on my doorstep.  The best part – it’s available on Amazon!!

    Why Choose an Inflatable SUP?

    I recommend a good inflatable SUP over any solid (non-inflatable) paddle board. Why? I’ve broken down my top reasons in the following list.

    1: An Inflatable SUP Is Cheaper Than Solid

    The Aqua Marina Vapor is usually around $250 on Amazon with free shipping [Feb 2020].  This is a crazy good deal. Many of the solid (non-inflatable) boards are $500+ (with some options even topping $1,000).

    Aqua Marina includes a special high pressure pump that can inflate the board to 15 PSI.  The high pressure system keeps the board extremely rigid.  When you’re standing and paddling it feels stable and sturdy.  It has essentially no flex (which is a good thing!)

    Before purchasing, I was a little worried about it being flimsy, but I’m happy to report that it is super stable.  It is really easy to use and handles great compared to similar and much more expensive options.

    girl holding inflatable SUP standing on a dock looking over the lake

    2: An Inflatable SUP Is More Portable

    Portability is probably the best overall feature of the Aqua Marina Vapor.  The paddle board easily deflates, and rolls up for storage inside of a convenient carrying case.  The carrying case also has a spot for the included air pump.

    Deflating, rolling up, and packing in the case takes about 5 minutes. The case also doubles as a backpack which makes it easy to carry along with you while you walk or bike down to the water.

    The paddle included with the Aqua Marina Vapor conveniently breaks down into two pieces for easy transportation. The paddle can also be packed up and strapped into the backpack for hands-free carrying.

    When I was thinking of getting a solid (non-inflatable) SUP, I worried it would be extremely inconvenient to pack around an 11 FT board (and have fun trying to fit that on your vehicle!).  When the Aqua Marina Vapor is deflated and rolled up, it easily fits inside your vehicle, or in the trunk.

    girl holding her inflatable sup on a dock with a dog
    girl carrying an inflatable SUP on her head walking towards the beach

    3: Aqua Marina Performance & Durability

    I’ve used solid (non-inflatable) paddle boards before, and when it comes to functionality, I really cannot tell the difference.  For a week long lake trip, this inflatable paddle board held its air pressure perfectly for several days. There was no need to re-inflate every day, or before every use.

    In addition, we have thoroughly tested out the durability and it holds up great.  My husband weighs over 200 pounds, and this board works for him. The board sinks a little more under his weight, but it is still highly functional!

    We have taken it camping multiple times and it’s been dragged over sand, rocks, sticks, brush and over the dock.  But nothing seemed to phase it. It still performs just as good as it did on day 1! So far, it has never gotten a rip, puncture, or air leak of any kind.

    woman and dog standing on dock launching a paddle board into the lake

    One of the major reasons why I recommend this as the best inflatable SUP is because of the build quality, and strength of the materials.  The deck is made of an EVA material with a special honeycomb groove for traction.  The board is a full 4 inches thick with a double wall drop stitch core materials.  This strong build is the reason why the board can be inflated to the high pressure of 15 PSI.

    The high pressure pump included with the paddle board is sufficient for getting the board pumped up.  However, getting the last few pounds of pressure into the board is a bit of a workout.

    aqua marina VAPOR SUP inflatable SUP sitting on the beach in front of a lake

    Would You Recommend The Aqua Marina Vapor?

    Yes, I absolutely recommend the Aqua Marina Vapor inflatable stand up paddle board (SUP). It has the absolute best blend of value, performance, durability, and portability of any SUP on the market!

    The portability of an inflatable SUP makes it easy to take with you, and the affordable price point makes it a great value!

    Aqua Marina – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Here are the most commonly asked questions that we get about the Aqua Marina Vapor inflatable SUP.

    How Long Does It Take To Inflate A Paddle Board?

    The Aqua Marina Vapor SUP paddle board can be inflated with the included manual pump. It’s the style of pump where you stand on the base, and push / pull the top up and down.

    Using the included manual pump, it takes about 10 minutes to inflate the paddle board working at a normal rate. If you pump more quickly, it can be accomplished in a little less time.

    An Electric Pump Option

    The process of pumping up the paddle board is significantly easier and faster using this electric paddle board pump (Amazon) to handle the inflation. This handy electric paddle board pump will save you lots of time and effort! Now, we use the electric pump every single time to pump up the SUP.
    Note: inflatable paddle boards need to be pumped up to 15PSI, so most portable electric inflator pumps will not work.

    Is the Inflatable Paddle Board Flimsy?

    No, surprisingly it’s not flimsy at all! When you stand on the board in the water, it feels firm and strong. If you were blindfolded, i’m convinced that you could not tell the difference between the Aqua Marina Vapor, and a solid non inflatable board. A combination of the right materials, and the 15 PSI high pressure inflation make the board very rigid.

    Will Rocks or Other Sharp Obstacles Puncture The Board?

    Nope! We’ve put our Aqua Marina through its paces, and so far it has held up perfectly! It’s undoubtedly possible to get unlucky and puncture a board on an extremely sharp, jagged rock, or a stray nail sticking out of a board. However, we’ve yet to encounter any problems with leaks or punctures.

    I hope this inflatable SUP board review was helpful! We love ours and recommend it to anyone wanting to have some fun on the water. You can get your Aqua Marina SUP board on Amazon today and be out on the lake or river in no time!

    The Best Inflatable SUP on Amazon