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How To Make A Distressed Fireplace Mantel | DIY Mantel

    DIY Distressed Wood Beam Mantel

    This post will show you how to distress wood beams to make a DIY mantel. Its an easy DIY project, and will be a huge upgrade for your fireplace!

    DIY Wood beam mantel

    As soon as we bought our house, we started thinking about ways to upgrade the look of the basic builder grade gas fireplace and add a mantel.  We’re always looking for ways to stretch the home renovation and decor budget, which sometimes requires getting a little creative.

    A DIY distressed wood beam mantel was the perfect solution.

    I knew that a perfectly aged, beautifully weathered, reclaimed wood beam mantle was probably going to be out of our price range.

    That’s when I came up with the idea to do a little DIY to get the distressed wood beam mantel look I was going for!

    Below is my step by step process to make a brand new piece of wood look perfectly distressed!

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    How To Make A Distressed Fireplace Mantel

    a distressed wood beam mantle hung on an unfinished fireplace

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    Supplies used:

    At our local building supply store, a 4″ x 10″ x 12FT Douglas Fir wood beam was $39.99.  However, we asked and they cut it down to 6FT for us!  They sold it for $20! This made it a far more affordable option than the reclaimed wood beams that found, many of which were well over $100!

    Even if you end up having to purchase a full board, it will still be drastically cheaper than a reclaimed lumber store.

    a wood beam before distressing

    How To Distress Wood Beams

    Distressing wood beams is more of an art than a science. You want the distressing marks on a DIY mantel to look as authentic as possible.  There is no right or wrong way to distress, but try to make the markings in random places, in random directions. Use different tools to make each mark unique looking.

    Sanding The Wood Beam

    We started by sanded down the fresh cut edges of the wood beam. The goal is to make the beam look old and weathered, so I didn’t hold back with the sanding. I used both medium and fine sandpaper strips to mix up the look and to keep it from looking too uniform. Next came the fun part!

    Distressing The Wood Beam

    To get the distressed wood look, I grabbed any and every tool I thought would leave a nice authentic looking imprint on the wood.

    A hatchet was my primary tool.  The blade made nice little chips out of the wood, while the back side of the hatchet worked well to dent the wood.

    This would be a good project for a day when you need to blow off some steam. My favorite part was using a hatchet to chop out a few areas along the sides and corners to give it some authentic looking wear.

    Make sure to distress the wood at random leaving marks all over. You really can’t mess this part up.

    The wood beam looked like this when the distressing was finished:

    distressed wood beam before staining

    Stain and Seal The DIY Mantel

    The next step was staining.

    I used my favorite stain:  Minwax Dark Walnut. I’ve used Dark Walnut for several projects including the DIY wood accent wall in our master bedroom which turned out amazing!

    After the first coat of stain was applied, we let it soak into the wood for about 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes were up, the excess stain needed to be wiped away with an old rag.

    On the second coat, I really focused on the edges and corners of the wood. This gave it the uneven coloring which added to the weathered look.

    Once it looked how I wanted, I sealed it with clear wipe-on poly and let that dry overnight.

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    I let my husband know the next morning that the distressed wood beam mantel was ready to be hung on the fireplace.  Being the amazing guy that he is, he jumped right on it! After it was installed, I sat back and admired my beautiful rustic mantel. See how I decorated it for Christmas in this post.

    Here are some closeup pictures after the DIY mantel was hung.  The closeups show how the distressing looks once the beam is stained and sealed.

    close up of a distressed wood beam mantle

    close up of a distressed wood beam mantle

    close up of a distressed wood beam mantle

    distressed wood beam mantel on stacked stone fireplace with clock above

    There you go, a DIY distressed wood beam mantel. To say I’m happy with how it turned out would be an understatement.

    You can view the completed fireplace project here! You won’t believe the before and after pictures!

    Looking for more DIY inspiration? Checkout all of our DIY projects here.

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      1. Thank you! He actually had to frame the fireplace all the way up to the ceiling before we put the stone on so he was able to drill the mantle right into the frame (you may be able to see the process a little easier by viewing the fireplace makeover post). 🙂

    1. This turned out beautiful. Can you tell me what kind of wood that is? I love the veining and I would like to find a similar piece! Nice job!

      1. Oh yay, it makes such a huge difference! He had to frame the entire fireplace before adding the stacked stone so he was able to secure the wood beam right to the framing.

          1. Thank you! He actually had to frame the fireplace all the way up to the ceiling before we put the stone on so he was able to drill the mantle right into the frame (you may be able to see the process a little easier by viewing the fireplace makeover post). ?

    2. I love everything about your page. You are incredibly
      Talented. I just painted a beige tiles fireplace white and love it. It is a rounded fireplace, do
      You have diy for rounded mantel? If so I can’t Seem to find it. Lisa Buczek

      1. Hi Lisa, thanks for your kind comment. I do not have a tutorial for a round mantel, maybe look on Pinterest? Your fireplace project sounds beautiful, great job!

    3. Where did you get the wood? We have been looking for a mantle forever! I think I could do this.

    4. This is a beautiful project and has really inspired me.
      Two questions: when you applied the poly, did you do all 4 sides at once, rotating it as you went, or did you do one side and allow that to try before turning it?

      Did you notice any sap on the beam and did you just cover with poly, if so?

      1. I applied the poly to all 3 sides at once (the fourth side didn’t matter as it isn’t visible once mounted). The beam I used didn’t have any sap, I would have just sanded it off it so.

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