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Our New Condo “Before” Tour

    The past couple months, we have started into a transition period in our lives. We went into the holidays thinking we would be spending the winter down in sunny AZ again, but then an opportunity came up that we couldn’t turn down…

    We bought a condo in Utah!

    We’ll be saying goodbye to full time RV life (for now), and moving into the condo after doing some initial projects (paint, floors, kitchen updates, etc.).

    We’re so excited to take on a new project and start a new adventure. We’ll be renovating the condo to “feel more like us”, but also keeping in mind that this property could be a good rental property in the future.

    In other words, we’ll be doing lots of budget friendly projects – which I know you guys love! I’ll be sharing DIY ideas for dayyyyyyys in this new condo of ours, and it all starts today with the “before” tour.

    (I’m also answering some FAQs at the bottom of the post – don’t miss it!)

    Ok! Without further ado, here’s a look at the space we’ll be working with. Come on in!


    Living Room

    Downstairs Hallway

    Half Bath

    The downstairs bathroom doubles as the laundry room.



    Dining Area



    Bedroom #1

    Full Bath

    Bedroom #2

    Whew! We definitely have a lot of work ahead of us, but we could not be more excited about it! We already love this little space, but we can’t wait to truly make it our own home.

    We’re so excited to share the progress and hopefully provide some ideas for you too along the way.

    Condo FAQs

    How big is the condo?

    It’s a 2bd, 2bath condo and is just under 1100 square feet.

    What area in Utah?

    Northeastern part of the state.

    Are you painting the cabinets?

    Yes! Still narrowing down the color choices, but excited to share once we’ve picked! Currently browsing through allllllll of our paint color guides. 🤓

    Do you have paint colors picked out for the walls yet?

    Yes! We are painting the entire condo in Chantilly Lace. (Checkout the rest of my favorite white paint colors in this post.)

    Are you replacing the carpets or any existing flooring?

    Yes! We are replacing all of the downstairs flooring with luxury vinyl tile.

    As for the second level, we’ll be putting in new carpet everywhere except the bathroom, which will get the same LVT as downstairs.

    Will you be keeping the RV?

    We will be living in the fifth wheel while we work on initial projects (flooring, painting, kitchen updates). After we move into the condo, we will sell the fifth wheel.

    What made you decide to own a house again?

    We had been keeping our eyes out for a place that we’d like to plant some roots along our 2021 travels in the fifth wheel. We came across this condo that, in our opinion, had so much potential!

    We thought it would be a great option for us to live in as our first home after the RV, but also maybe keep as a rental property in the future.

    Got any questions I didn’t answer already? Leave them in the comment section and I’ll be sure to reply!

    Thank you so much for joining us on this new home journey and for sharing in our excitement! It really means more than you know.