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Cancun, Mexico Travel Diary

    We booked this trip to Mexico in December and I’ve pretty much been counting down the days ever since. I’m the kind of person that is immediately ready for summer as soon as Christmas is over, and seeing how this is the winter-that-never-ends, this vacation couldn’t come fast enough!

    Mike and I have been to Mexico before, but this was the first time we vacationed with friends! It was SO much fun. We all flew in from different states and spent the entire week catching up over tacos and pina coladas. By the end of the trip we were already planning our next vacay together 🙂 (Have a favorite spot? Tell me in the comments below!)

    We spent most of the week unplugged, lounging by the water in full on relaxation mode. My favorite! During the trip I posted a few photos & stories over on Instagram and got so many messages asking to see more. So here’s a roundup of some of my favorites from the trip! (Don’t be surprised that most of them involve the beach! 😉 )

    Tacos were a daily thing, and I wasn’t complaining one bit!

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    One of the last nights we were there, we went out on a pirate dinner cruise and it was a BLAST! They put on an awesome show, the food was amazing and we spent the entire night dancing and laughing. If you’re ever in Cancun, I highly recommend checking out the Jolly Rogers pirate cruise! Seriously, so much fun! (Not sponsored, we just really loved it!)

    Thanks for the memories, Cancun! I hope we’ll see you again real soon! 😉

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