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Best Raised Garden Beds | Wood, Galvanized, Rattan

    We’ve picked 7 of the best raised garden bed styles, and break down the all the info on each. Different styles range from wood, to galvanized, to rattan, and we even included one with a greenhouse cover!

    Raised garden beds have tons of benefits over traditional in-ground gardens. They offer better drainage, and make it easier to grow healthy plants.

    Best Galvanized Metal Raised Garden Beds

    Galvanized Steel Garden Beds (Amazon) are very affordable, easy to assemble, look great, and they’re super durable. The galvanized coating ensures that the metal will last a long time without becoming rusty or starting to deteriorate.

    These galvanized metal raised garden beds come in two sizes – the 8ft x 4ft to make a large raised bed is perfect for a large vegetable garden, or the 6ft x 3ft raised garden bed might be a better choice for a small back yard.

    Best Above Ground Cedar Garden Bed

    This Cedar Garden Bed (Amazon) is 30″ tall and makes gardening a breeze – no more bending over or kneeling while gardening! The wooden garden bed is easy to assemble, and requires no tools.

    The elevated wood plater box is made from high quality cedar. Cedar is know for its durability, and the natural ability to resist rotting. It’s 4ft by 2ft, which makes it the perfect size for a smaller backyard or patio.

    Inexpensive Raised Garden Bed Ideas

    Building your own DIY raised garden is the cheapest option, and it’s a project that almost anyone can handle. These raised garden bed frames can be built, and filled in just a few hours.

    DIY Raised Garden Bed

    To learn more about building your own DIY raised garden beds, check out the step-by-step plans, and video tutorial I made: How To Build Raised Garden Beds | An Easy DIY Design

    Wood Pallet Raised Garden Bed Ideas

    Another DIY option is to repurpose old pallets for your raised garden beds! This is a great budget-friendly option, especially if you already have access to wood pallets.

    How do you make a raised garden bed with pallets? Alison from Everyday Shortcuts shares a step by step tutorial on how she built raised garden beds (pictured below) for FREE using wood pallets.

    Pallet Raised Garden Bed Plans from Everyday Shortcuts

    Best Rattan Style Raised Garden Bed

    This rattan-style raised garden bed by Keter (Amazon) comes in two colors: Graphite, or Brown. Its smaller size makes it perfect for limited space areas such as a balcony or small patio (44.9″ x 19.4″ and 29.8″ tall).

    And it’s SELF WATERING!?! Well, sort of. This garden bed uses water reservoir with an easy to read water gauge. The design is actually really simple: when you water the plants, excess water is collected in a water reservoir in the bottom of the planter. The reservoir keeps the soil and plants hydrated between waterings. When the gauge shows that the reservoir is getting low, it’s time to water again.

    If you’re interested in a completely automated self-watering solution, I’ve written a guide called: How To Install DIY Drip Watering In Your Garden. It has all the information you need to install an automatic drip irrigation system in your garden. Plus, it’s easy to install and way cheaper than you’d think.

    Raised Garden Bed With Greenhouse Cover

    The Danjani Outdoor Raised Garden Bed with Greenhouse (Amazon) protects your plants from extreme weather, while keeping bugs and critters out. This kit is includes a 47″ by 36″ raised garden bed, and a greenhouse cover that is 49″ tall.

    The greenhouse cover allows you to extend the growing season, and increase your yields! Built in zipper vents allow you to create more airflow in hotter weather.

    Best For Small Spaces: Trough Planter

    If you’re really limited on space, this small Corinthian Trough Planter from Amazon is a great option. It’s 18″ by 4″ and 4″ Tall. It’s not exactly a full on raised garden bed, but it still gives you more garden real estate than most pots (and looks way better!).

    The Classic Home And Garden Corinthian Trough Planter is made from out of resined stone. The manufacture take stone dust, and blend it with resin and silicon to make a durable but lighter weight material – it’s 5 times lighter than concrete!

    In addition to this Ivory Ash color, the Corinthian Trough Planter is also available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Storm (light blue), State Blue, Desert (Neutral Tan), and Onyx.

    EZ-GRO Fabric Pot Raised Garden Bed

    The EZ-GRO raised garden bed is made from a proprietary fabric material that is highly durable, UV resistant and provides exceptional airflow throughout the soil. This helps the root systems stay healthy and allows excessive moisture to drain away easily.

    EZ-GRO fabric garden beds are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 2ft x 2ft, all the way up to 4ft by 8ft – and they’re affordable starting under $25! These garden beds require no assembly, and are ready to go out of the box.

    Automatic Watering For Your Garden

    Once you have a raised garden bed picked out, don’t forget to add a DIY automatic drip watering system! Check out the step-by-step guide I wrote: Easiest Automatic Drip Watering System For Your Raised Garden Bed

    automatic drip watering controller

    7 Best Raised Garden Beds

    Thanks for reading! I hope one of these raised garden bed styles will work perfectly for your vegetable garden or flower garden this year – happy gardening!