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50 Things You Can Declutter RIGHT NOW

    Want to have a decluttered home? Here’s a list of 50 things to get rid of TODAY! This checklist will help you declutter & simplify your home. Don’t miss the free printable checklist at the bottom of the post!

    Do you feel like your home (and your life) is constantly a mess? No matter how much you clean and declutter, you just can’t get ahead of it?

    One of the greatest gifts I ever gave myself was moving into a tiny RV to live in full time. It taught me how to really pare down my belongings and embrace a minimalist way of living when it came to STUFF.

    But here’s the thing- you don’t have to sell everything you own and move into a camper to start living a more simple, decluttered life now. In fact, you can start getting rid of clutter today.

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    Deciding what to get rid of is one of the toughest parts of decluttering. It’s natural to develop a certain attachment to your possessions, and it can seem wasteful to give away something you’ve hardly used.

    Whether you’re on the path to becoming a minimalist or you’re just in need of some serious purging, here’s 50 things you can declutter RIGHT NOW (and you won’t miss them AT ALL.)

    Living Room Clutter to Get Rid of ASAP

    1. Unused blankets (at the very most, keep one per family member & donate the rest)
    2. Excess throw pillows (no more than 2-3 on the sofa)

    3. Home decor that no longer fits your personality (if you don’t LOVE it, get rid of it)

    4. Games with missing pieces

    5. Old magazines

    6. Books you’ve read once or will likely never read

    7. VHS tapes & VCRs, CDs & players, DVDs and players (and any other dated electronics you don’t use often)

    8. Extra furniture (think flat surfaces that collect clutter)

    9. Knick-knacks like candles, vases, lamps, random decor pieces

    10. Toys (keep a basket of open-ended toys next to the couch, then remove all other toys from this room)

    Kitchen Clutter To Get Rid Of Today

    11. Paper clutter (junk mail, old calendars, coupons, receipts, instruction manuals)

    12. Pantry items (toss anything that is opened that you won’t be using or items that are expired)

    13. Cookbooks you don’t use

    14. Extra Tupperware or other food storage containers

    15. Extra shopping bags

    16. Unused or old spices

    17. Frozen foods past their use by dates

    18. Excess mismatched dishes or glassware

    19. Kitchen gadgets you don’t use (sandwich press, ice cream maker, etc.)

    Bedroom Clutter to Get Rid of Right Now

    20. The chair (or bench) that you never sit on & most likely collects clothing

    21. Jewelry you don’t wear

    22. The clutter at the bottom of your purse

    23. Dressers (if you can pare down your clothing, you can get rid of extra dressers)

    24. Gifts you’re holding onto that you’ve never liked in the first place

    25. Lamps (wall sconces keep tops of nightstands more minimal)

    26. Throw pillows (opt for one long lumbar pillow instead)

    27. Extra purses (keep one favorite)

    Closet Clutter to Get Rid of ASAP

    28. Duplicates of anything

    29. Clothes that no longer fit

    30. Kids’ clothes that no longer fit or are worn through

    31. Extra shoes (only keep the shoes you wear on a regular basis, plus one dress shoe)

    32. Excess jackets/coats (one winter coat and one light jacket per person should be sufficient)

    33. Swimwear you don’t wear

    34. Anything you forgot you even had

    35. Undergarments you don’t wear

    36. Socks with holes in them

    Bathroom Clutter to Get Rid of Today

    37. Nearly empty perfume bottles

    38. Hair accessories you don’t wear

    39. Beauty (hair, skin, nails) products you don’t use (including sample size products)

    40. Expired medicines

    41. Expired toiletries (including extra travel size items)

    42. Old towels (keep no more than 2 towels per family member)

    43. Hair styling tools you don’t use

    44. Decor items / counter clutter (you can get away with little to no decorative items in the bathroom)

    45. Excess bath toys

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    Miscellaneous Clutter to Get Rid of Right Now

    46. Toys or games that are no longer played with

    48. Unused cans of paint

    49. Broken electronics you’ve been meaning to fix (including chargers without a device & boxes from electronics)

    50. Stuff that’s been in your junk drawer forever

    Free Printable Declutter Checklist

    Grab your free printable checklist of 50 things in your home that you should get rid of ASAP. Print it out and start today! Just enter your information below and I’ll send the checklist straight to your inbox.

    There you have it. There are lots of things you can discard or donate easily with little stress. Go give it a try yourself, and see how your motivation increases when it comes to ditching unneeded items.

    You’ve got this!

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    Free Declutter Checklist – 50 Things to Declutter Today