Joyfully Growing Blog Traffic & Income Reports

by Ashley

Each month I send out blog traffic & income reports and money earned from I share the good, the bad, and the really really bad on the previous month’s stats and breakdown what I’m working on to improve each month.

For privacy reasons, I only share this information once a month via email to my Blogger Newsletter List.

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I truly believe that income reports provide amazing insight and are great learning tools.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been blogging for years, I hope that these monthly reports & reflections both inspire you and teach you something. My prayer is that we can learn together as we strive to build successful blogs!

(And if you haven’t started your blog yet, do it! I recommend downloading my free guide How to Start a Blog in 5 Easy Steps that will help get you started, so there’s no excuse to let another day go by! )

As a reminder, a few quick things about the information shared in the reports:

  1. No two blogs will ever earn income in the exact same ways. For this reason, I won’t be breaking down each and every affiliate program I am earning from. You should be focusing on promoting products and services that YOUR audience is interested in.
  2. Sharing such personal information and putting it out there isn’t the most comfortable thing for me. But I think it’s important to be transparent and help other bloggers learn from my successes AND mistakes. With that said, please keep this information to yourself and do not share it publicly. Use it to tweak systems and tactics in your own business, but please don’t flat out copy my original work. Don’t be that blogger, mmk?

I hope you follow along on our journey of turning our blog into a business and can learn from these income reports!

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