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15 Affordable Organization Products & Ideas For The Home

    The best affordable organization products and ideas for the home that’ll make your house more organized than ever! You’ll wish you knew about them sooner!

    A collage of 4 different organizing solutions with text overlay that reads, "15 Budget Friendly Organization Ideas for All Around the House"

    These ideas are pure genius if you ask me! Some of the tips involve items you already have in your home, and others are cheap organizational products that will help you step up your organization game.

    But ALL of them are budget friendly, which was my goal for this list.

    (Need to get rid of clutter first? Checkout this post where I share my exact decluttering method, that works!)

    Alright, let’s dive in!

    15 Affordable Organization Products & Ideas For The Home

    (Affiliate links are provided below for convenience. For more information see my disclosure, here.)

    1. DIY Cardboard Drawer Organizers

    Cardboard cut into strips and placed in a grid pattern being used as sock organization in a drawer

    We all have that one drawer (or two!) that is always a cluttered mess. Save time trying to find what you’re looking for by DIYing these simple cardboard drawer organizers by Krazy Coupon Lady!

    2. Food Wrap Storage

    Food wrap boxes hanging on the inside of a cabinet

    The best kitchen organization ideas are the ones that take just a little bit of creativity. Look how I Heart Organizing makes it easy to organize food wrap boxes and quickly access your foil, cling wrap, and parchment paper!

    3. Shower Curtain Organizer

    Cheap organization products including a mesh shower curtain organizer with 6 pockets to hold shower items

    This mesh shower curtain organizer might be my favorite of the cheap organizational products on this list. It’s perfect if you need more space to store items in the shower! No more lining the tub with shampoo bottles that constantly get knocked over. We have this in our shower and love it!

    4. Cord and Cable Organization

    Cords and cables stored in an ornament organizer box with labels

    This quick organizing hack from The Homes I Have Made can help you keep all of your cords and cables organized!

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    5. DIY Kitchen Cabinet Cork Board

    Open kitchen cabinet with cork boards glued to the inside of the door with recipes and sticky notes pinned to the board

    With Young House Love‘s DIY Kitchen Cabinet Cork Board idea, you’ll be able to organize things like recipes, reminder notes, and coupon clippings all in one spot! Plus, keep all of those miscellaneous papers out sight so that your kitchen always looks tidy!

    6. Battery Organizer Storage Case

    Cheap organization products including a battery storage container with 82 batteries of varying sizes from Amazon

    This battery organizer from Amazon holds 82 batteries and keeps every size easy to see. You can mount it on the wall or store it in a drawer. That way you can always find the batteries your looking for AND know which size you’re running low on!

    7. Wrapping Paper Storage Idea

    A before and after image showing a pile of wrapping paper rolls scattered on floor, and then neatly stored inside of a garment bag

    The Chic Site‘s handy wrapping paper storage idea not only keeps your wrapping paper organized, it’s a huge space saver too!

    8. Unique Basket Wall Storage

    Wicker basket with bathroom items in it hanging from two hooks on the wall

    Small bathroom? That’s not a problem if you use Our Fifth House‘s window box storage idea on the wall!

    9. K-Cup Storage Drawer

    Cheap organization products including a keurig coffee machine sitting on top of a black drawer with Kcups inside

    This K-cup storage drawer is the perfect solution for storing your K-cups neatly next to your Keurig! You could use it as shown in the photo, or even place it inside a kitchen drawer or cabinet. Genius!

    10. Simple Linen Storage Idea

    A stack of bedsheets folded up separately and stored inside of its corresponding pillowcase

    This linen storage technique from Peter Walsh will help keep your sheets neat and tidy. And just in case you’re like me and struggle to fold a fitted sheet, checkout these helpful tips!

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    11. Shower Caddy Turned Produce Storage

    This clever idea from Domestic Diva Domain will provide storage space for your produce without taking up valuable counter space!

    12. Narrow Rolling Tiered Cart

    Cheap organization products including a narrow rolling storage cart in between a washing machine and the wall

    Another genius (and cheap) organizational product. Make the most of small areas using this narrow tiered rolling cart from Amazon! Use it in the laundry room in between the appliances, or roll it in between your fridge and counter space in the kitchen to use as extra pantry space. The organizational possibilities are endless!

    13. DIY Magazine File Organization

    Storage cubbies on desk for small miscellaneous items

    Learn how to add pretty shelves to some old magazine files and turn it into a valet/charging station using I Heart Organizing‘s easy tutorial!

    14. Multifunctional organized cart

    If you’re looking for a way to store multiple things next to your bed, checkout how Homey Oh My uses this Lexington Cart from Michael’s instead of a traditional nightstand! She also gives two other examples of how to use this cart in the home making it a multifunctional organizational piece.

    15. Corner Tool Organizer

    Cheap organization products including a collection of shovels, brooms, and various yard tools organized in a corner using a rubbermaid corner organizer

    If your yard tools are unorganized, not only is it hard to find what you’re looking for, but they can also take up a lot of unnecessary space! Checkout this Rubbermaid Tool Organizer that maximizes space by fitting snuggly into a corner. I’m adding this to my cart right now!

    Bonus: Under-bed Storage

    A Modern Rustic Bedroom | See how to blend two styles to create a modern rustic bedroom that is oh so cozy | Joyfully Growing Blog

    Ok, I had to share one more organizing ideas for bedrooms because this is one of my favorite tips! You may have already seen these baskets in our Rustic Master Bedroom Tour, but I can’t rave about them enough!

    I picked these up from Hobby Lobby during their 50% off basket sale. They are perfect for storing extra linens under the bed, and I love that they are both functional and decorative.

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    Still craving more organization ideas for the home? Read about my tried and true system for keeping your house clean and free of clutter, next!

    Happy organizing, friends!

    Do you have any organizational tips? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments below!

    Cheap Organization Products For the Home

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