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Simple & Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mom

    These thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas are perfect for the moms in your life that are hard to buy for. These are my top 7 Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2024.

    I’ve only been a mom for a few years now, but I think I speak for all moms when I say that we really don’t need extravagant gifts for Mother’s Day.

    In fact, I think most of us would be perfectly happy with the gift of time.

    Be it more quality time with our older children, or more time to ourselves for us moms raising young toddlers, or maybe even just free time with nothing on the schedule and zero chores to do for a whole day while you just hang as a family.

    Ok, maybe that last idea is only intriguing to fellow introverts like me. Either way, here’s a few simple, yet thoughtful ideas to help you celebrate there mothers in your life this year.

    Whether you need a Mother’s Day gift idea for your daughter, your grandma or mother, these are my top 7 simple gift ideas for moms.

    Moms: Feel free to nonchalantly share this post with anyone who might be trying to come up with a gift idea for YOU for mother’s day…

    Husbands: If your wife sent you this link, here’s some simple Mother’s day gift ideas for your wife. There’s only 7 to choose from and they’re all pretty awesome 😉

    Ok, let’s get into the gift ideas!

    7 Simple & Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    As a simple, low maintenance mama myself, here’s my list of easy gift ideas for Mom.

    Some are meaningful & thoughtful products I think she’ll love receiving, while others are ideas for you to spend more time with your mom, daughter, grandma, or wife this Mother’s Day.

    1. Alabaster Bible Books

    These bibles are beautifully made and have such lovely artwork alongside the Scripture. We purchased the Book of Psalms for my husband’s mom last Mother’s Day and she loved it!

    They have a few different books of the bible available as mini stand alone books, but they also offer some Bible Study or Devotional type books as well.

    It would be so neat to collect them all!

    2. Painting or Pottery Class

    Get crafty with Mom and spend time doing something she loves. (If she isn’t into artsy stuff, it could be a cooking class or spa day together.)

    Basically the idea is that you’ve planned an activity that she would enjoy. You could invite her friends, or keep it simple & low-key.

    Try a Sip & Paint class!

    Paint & Sip classes are becoming super popular and would be a fun idea for adult children to enjoy with Mom. If you haven’t heard of this before, essentially it’s a professionally-led painting class with a high-energy environment and a few drinks. Some classes offer wine or cocktails onsite and others are more of a BYOB setup.

    Click here to see if there’s any Sip & Paint classes near you.

    3. Cozy White Cottage Seasons: 100 Ways to Be Cozy All Year Long by Liz Marie Galvan

    I recently got this book as a Christmas gift and it is SO good. I mean, all of Liz Marie’s books are.

    The photography is stunning and full of inspo for creating a cozy home. And who doesn’t want a cozy home all year long!?

    It’s a fun read with real tips & ideas, yet also doubles as a gorgeous coffee table book. Highly recommend for any mama who loves to be home!

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    4. Go out for lunch (or a coffee date!)

    This is a classic gift idea, but it’s a favorite for a reason. Often moms just want to spend time with their family and sharing a yummy meal or delicious coffee that she doesn’t have to make is a tried & true Mother’s Day gift idea.

    Tip: For the coffee lovin’ mama, grab one of these cute coffee gift ideas to give her a little something to unwrap before you head out to share a cup of java.

    5. Meal Kit Service

    Speaking of yummy food, if you’ve ever tried one of the popular meal kit services out there you know their recipes are so delicious.

    Mike & I have tried a few of them, yet we always go back to Hello Fresh. The way they mix flavors and make it so simple to whip up a gormet meal makes the whole experience fun.

    While a meal kit subscription isn’t a regular thing for us, we always enjoy it when we decide to sign up for a new box. That’s why I think this option would be a great gift idea for Mother’s Day.

    It’s something she can have fun with, while still a practical gift idea that will save her time in the kitchen and introduce her to new recipes.

    We partnered with Hello Fresh years ago, but our discount code is still active (that I know of!). You can use the code: JOYFULLYGROWING10 to get 10 free meals across 4 boxes.

    They also have a gift card option available.

    6. Shop for flowers & plants together

    Another fun quality-time or experience gift idea for Mother’s Day is heading out to a local nursery or hardware store and picking out some spring flowers or veggies to plant together in her garden.

    Take it one step further and put together a little garden-themed gift basket using some of these cute garden finds for Mom.

    7. Minimalist Birthstone Rings

    I love a good custom gift idea and these dainty birthstone rings are so pretty, yet minimal making them a great customized Mother’s Day gift idea.

    I have these stackable birthstone rings (one for each kiddo + one with my own birthstone), and I’m excited to add to them as we have more kids in the future.

    If your mom isn’t into the multiple ring look, I also really love these Dainty 3 Birthstone Rings by the same Etsy shop. So pretty!

    I hope you found some simple & thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s Day on this list! These are some of my favorite ways to celebrate the mothers in my life as well as being a mother myself.

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