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Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Review | Everything You Need to Know!

    Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Review

    After installing our new farmhouse sink a few months ago, I’m spilling all of my thoughts about the pros and cons in this fireclay farmhouse sink review!

     White fireclay farmhouse sink review with text overlay that reads, "what you need to know"

    If you followed along with our budget kitchen makeover, you know that adding a farmhouse sink to our kitchen was pretty much a dream come true for me. I’ve been pinning beautiful apron front sinks for years and finally have one of my very own!

    Now that we’ve been able to use it for a few months I thought I’d share all of my thoughts on whether or not a farmhouse sink is REALLY all it’s cracked up to be…

    (Spoiler: it totally is!)

    Here’s everything you need to know about fireclay farmhouse sinks!

    A white apron front fireclay farmhouse sink with a brushed nickel pull down faucet

    A closeup look at a white fireclay farmhouse sink

    Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Pros and Cons

    We chose the Bradstreet II Fireclay All-In-One Sink Kit from Sinkology. And can I just say – I LOVE this sink. Here’s a few of the reasons why.

    Fireclay Is Durable

    Since this sink is made of naturally durable fireclay material it is chip, crack, stain and rust resistant! Sinkology actually guarantees this with a lifetime warranty. Chipping and cracking was one of my biggest concerns so I was thrilled to find this extremely durable option. Trust me, we’re not at all easy on our sink.  We scrub pots and pans in it every single day and it still looks brand new!

    Fireclay Is Easy To Clean

    With it’s non-porous material, fireclay sinks won’t discolor over time and will remain bright white. I’ve gotten a few questions about whether or not having a white sink (and white countertops) is easy to keep clean and, in my opinion, it’s actually EASIER to keep clean! Here’s the deal: white doesn’t get dirtier than other finishes/colors, it simply shows the dirt sooner. That’s a bonus if you ask me! I’d much rather have a sink that is sparkling clean over one that disguises the grime.

    When it comes to keeping our sink clean, I generally scrub it down with dish soap about once a week, and it’s sparkling white.  It rinses very easily between cleanings with the pull-down Pfister faucet included in the all-in-one sink kit we chose.

    White fireclay farmhouse sink with a closeup on dish soap used to keep it clean

    Large Farmhouse Size

    I can honestly say I will never go back to a double basin sink. I love having a large sink bowl that easily fits pots and pans, cutting boards, casserole dishes, etc. We wash the majority of our dishes in the dishwasher and have no need for two separate basins. The 30” single bowl is extremely functional for us!

    Farmhouse / Modern Style

    It’s no surprise I love the classic look of the farmhouse style mixed with modern finishes. Our fireclay sink was the perfect way to give our kitchen an upgraded and sophisticated look while incorporating the farmhouse look I love.

    White fireclay farmhouse sink review with pros and cons

    Basically, I am obsessed with this thing.  In case you haven’t figured that out by now. 😉

    There are a couple of things to keep in mind, however, if you’re looking to add a farmhouse sink to your space.


    Let me start this section out by saying that we love our Sinkology Fireclay sink. We have not found anything specific about the sink that we don’t like! The only reason I’ve included this section, is to talk a little bit about the installation.  With it being farmhouse style it is definitely more challenging to install than a conventional sink. Although this isn’t really a con specific to this Sinkology Fireclay sink, more of a con to the farmhouse style in general.


    The bundled kit which includes the sink, pull-down faucet, metal bottom grid, disposal drain, and a few extra little bonus items (care kit with cleaners, scrubber) is priced at $599. At nearly six hundred dollars, this certainly isn’t cheap but it is a great value.  The Sinkology Fireclay sinks are very high quality and among the most durable options available.


    Because fireclay farmhouse sinks are so heavy, you’ll have build a support frame to hold the weight. And if you go with an apron front style like we did, you may have to cut into the existing cabinets to make room for it. You can read all about how we installed our fireclay farmhouse sink in this tutorial – it is a great resource for adding an apron front sink to an existing kitchen cabinet.

    Choosing the right faucet

    I recommend getting a pull down faucet to easily guide things down the drain. Because the sink is so big and essentially flat with 90-degree side walls, small pieces of food and crumbs can get pushed out to the corners. I love our Pfister faucet that came with the all-in-one sink kit from Sinkology (we chose the stainless steel finish). The pull down sprayer makes it super easy to keep food away from the edges of the sink and easily guide it down the drain.

    A view from behind the sink looking down on the fireclay farmhouse sink and pull down faucet

    Hopefully this fireclay farmhouse sink review helped answer any questions you may have when considering if a farmhouse sink is right for you. We absolutely love ours and can’t recommend the all-in-one sink kits from Sinkology enough! You can read more about what’s included in their kits as well as measurements and other specs here.

    If you missed our budget kitchen makeover a few months ago, you can see the full kitchen reveal here.

    A white fireclay farmhouse sink with white counters and wood cabinets

    Would you add a farmhouse sink to your kitchen? Do you have any questions or concerns about fireclay sinks I didn’t address above? Leave a comment below!

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    6 thoughts on “Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Review | Everything You Need to Know!”

    1. So happy to hear you love your fireclay farmhouse sink! Definitely, the 30-inch single bowl is a top seller. Did you install the sink or did you have a contractor do the work? Like you mentioned they can be a pain to install.

      You went with a classic white, but there’s been a growing interest in black farmhouse sinks and other colors like grey. We have those colors and plenty more!

    2. Hi your sink looks beautiful! It looks like on the front there is “trim” not plain flat, but I don’t see that trim in the pictures on the site. Is it flat front or does it have trim (for lack of better word) Thank you!

    3. Hi I just found your blog and we’re in the process of updating our kitchen. My wife of course wants the white farmhouse sink. I read a lot of concerning things on Houzz but your review along with the fact the sink appears to come with a lifetime warranty helps me feel better about purchasing this. Thank you for taking time to review.

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